Things Are Changing

I grew up in an area where almost every single member of my family, except my grandma who worked as a cook, worked at the mill. My family had vulgar language, told crude jokes, and drank with friends on the weekends. They had an amazing work ethic, though. They didn't understand 'stuckup' people who had to use big words and dress a certain way. My way of life growing up has changed a lot. My mom, who worked at a mill that has since closed down is now an accountant. My grandparents have passed away, and all of the kids in the family are grown up, going to college and working in retail or offices. The language has to get cleaned up in my life. My husband worked on a farm all his life and came from a farming community in the same county as me where loud music and alcohol consumption abounded. In this changing area snug suits, tight smiles and fake positivity are something we have to adopt into our personalities, when working with the public anyway, and even casual bad language in a good conversation can shock the ... outta our neighbors. I'm not sure what everyones idea of a red neck is, but while I was growing up 12 yrs old and up, I was out in the fields working picking strawberries and whatever else. I literally had a red neck. :)
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

red necks are good people,,,fun and exciting to be around very colorful language and just tell it like it is,lived in the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee for 10 years,,,just moved to Ohio this October ,,wowwww what a difference,,miss the good old red necks,,