3 Years

didn't eat meat for three years (mostly because of additives, hormones). But i don't think it was too wise a decision. Lost too much weight. So now I just eat meat once a day (no pork or ground meat) and as much as possible organic or kosher.

I do love a good steak every now and then.
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I stopped being a vegetarian a year ago (after 4 years). And I don't have any red meat cravings! I just crave white meat, like fish. So, I went back to being pescetarian.

yeah i would have some insane red meat cravings every once in a while. all i would want is game, like lamb or venison. it was so weird. my doc said it's because there's amino acids in red meat that we need that we can't get anywhere else so that's probably why. so alas, i eat a minimal amount of meat now and everything is peachy

A friend of mine once told me that his sister had been a vegetarian for about eight years and then all of sudden felt such a longing for some meat that she ate a whole pack of mortadella and since then she's been loving meat. :) I've been a vegetarian for about five years now and luckily I'm fine with it though sometimes I do have my "mortadella with curds"-moments. But I don't give in to them.

I gave up meat for a while too, but eventually went back to it as well.