Redneck Is Not a Bad Thing.

I was born and raised in the country.  I was riding horses before I could walk.  I can work cattle, mend fences, drive a tractor, break horses and all the other thing required for living on a farm.  I am also proud to call myself a redneck.  Redneck does not mean I am ignorant, beligerant, racist or any of the other misconceptions people may have.  It simple means I know the value of hard work.  I have very strong opinions that I am not afraid to voice, stand up and fight for them if necessary.  Being from the South, I was raised with a strong moral code.  I strongly believe you got to stand for something, or you will fall for anything.  If you truly believe in something you will fight for it, you don't just sit down and let others bulldoze over you.  So, if that is where your problem lies with rednecks, that we won't slither away quietly.  Then you are damn right!!  We have our backbones firmly in place.  We have no problem telling you to your face, what we think. 

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you are a awesome woman , please stick with it we need more like you in this good old U.S.A.


You go, gal. If I were thirty years younger I would call you up and ask you out.<br />
An old redneck from Alabama