The other day I actually had a Mountain Dew and a Moon Pie for breakfast! Just couldn't resist! Mostly I drink southern sweet tea and my crazy life has all the makings of a Jeff Foxworthy joke. I love country music, speak w/ a touch of twang and well... it just seems to fit.

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5 Responses Mar 22, 2009

LMAO funny part is daddy is a redneck and mom is cuban so we had an interesting combo

mountain dew is great but love som sine too jack sweet tea... pulled pork too hell bent all the way

Are you sure that was sweet tea in his mayo jar? LOL<br />
Sweet tea, Fried okra, corn bread and blackeyed peas. <br />
Don't get much better.

You drink yours from a mason jar.....You must be the rich red necks.....My Daddy had my daughters drinking his sweet tea out of a mayo jar...When they were just two weeks old...hehehehehe<br />
<br />
Never had that fancy mason jars in our house....Daddy said why..With five kids we always had empty mayo jars...hehehehe

I can definitely respect that. Sweet Tea is amazing, escpecially from a mason jar...