A Dirty Job And I Had To Do It..

Today the Head Nurse called me over and showed me a patients chart. She said that the patient had not had a BM in 6 days. This was one of my patients so she asked if I had known about this. I showed her where I had noted it on his chart, then she asked what I was going to do about it. I said I would get Tom, the male nurse to take him to the john for a BM. She said Tom was on an assignment and wouldn't be back until tomorrow and I would have to take care of it myself.

I went to the patients room and asked him if he felt like he could go. He said he had tried but couldn't get it out but it he felt a lot of pressure in his rectum. I helped him to the restroom and sat him down on the john and left to give him some privacy so he could try to go. After a half an hour, no luck so I called for the Head nurse. She just said that I should know what to do and be sure to double glove. I got the gloves and lub and got ready for the embarrassing ordeal.I have rather short fingers so this is hard for me, I used my middle finger which is the longest. Lubed it up and inserted in his rectum. I felt what appeared to be a mass about 2.5 inches in diameter and very hard. I slipped my lubed finger beside it and ran it all around the mass. Then I told him to try to go, and waited outside to give him some privacy. After 15 minutes I had heard him grunting trying to go but he couldn't. So I doubled gloved with fresh gloves, lubed up my finger and started to dig at the mass breaking off pieces a spoonful at a time. These dropped in the toilet and appeared to be very hard almost like cement. I continued to dig off bits until I couldn't reach any more, then told him to try to go again. He was getting very fatigued but he said he would try. I waited outside while he grunted and tried to go but still couldn't. I gloved and lubed up again and felt a mass up there again. It had moved down a few inches so I proceeded to dig at it again. My back was aching from bending over and my shoulder and arms was getting cramps. Finely I couldn't dig out any more so I pushed a bunch of lub up his rectum and told him to try to go again. As I was waiting outside the door waiting for him to go I hear a large plop as a turd hit the water. He managed to get out two more but that was all. He was to tired to try any more. I cleaned him up and got him back in his bed. I felt like I needed a shower and the lingering smell seemed to be following me around. Later he rang his call and I found he had pooped his pants. I begged one of the other nurses to clean him up saying I didn't think I could do it.

When I got home I showered for over a half an hour and still didn't feel like I was clean.
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I'm so glad I work in Psych with child/adolescents sure they poop their pants but I've never had to dis-impact a bowel, yet...

I asked myself if I could do something like, the answer is NO, NEVER. <br />
<br />
My mother was a nurse, I wonder if she had to do things like that.