I Used To Carry A Gun To Work

My first job after becoming a nurse was in a nursing home. I worked there for 3 months and was getting too depressed so I quit. My next job, after becoming an RN, was in an ER. I worked there for almost a year but again I was getting too depressed and needed a change, so I quit and went to work as an assistant public health nurse.

After all the orientation crap was out of the way, I was partnered with an older heavy set nurse that had been on the same job for years. She was in charge, I was the assistant/gofer bedpan scrubber. When she went in, I had to bring in all the equipment and whatever we needed. The first place we went to was the house from hell. I don't think anyone had cleaned it in 20 years. A shabbily dressed little man led us into his wife's bedroom. There laying on a king sized mattress on the floor was his wife, she must have weighed 800 pounds if she weighed an ounce. We spent the next 2 hours cleaning her up the best we could. She had yeast and fungus growing in all her folds and wrinkles. We even cleaned poop out of her vagina. The assignment said to assist husband in bathing invalid wife, we did the best we could but no way could we take her in the shower.

The next place we went was routine, except when I had to go in the kitchen to get some water, the whole place was moving. There must have been 10 million roaches in there, one tried to run up my leg.

The next place we went, we were doing fine, the boss nurse was holding the ladies leg up while I was trying to set a foley catheter. I just got the cath in was about to inflate it when we heard the first gun shot. The boss nurse hit the floor like she was shot and was trying to crawl under the bed. I later learned she had been an Army nurse and had been near gunfire before. When I saw her hit the floor, I did the same. Then there was a steady stream of gun fire, coming from the front and rear outside the house. This went on for about 15 minutes and I was wondering if anyone had called the police. The boss nurse was half under the bed and she wouldn't answer me when I talked to her. I started to think she might have been shot so I crawled around to her side of the bed. That was a mistake because I crawled through a big puddle of urine where she had pissed herself. She wasn't shot, she was just scared shitless. I had left my cell phone in my bag in the car and she wouldn't answer me when I asked her if she had one. Then I heard a police siren in the distance, soon it was in front of the house. I heard footsteps running around outside the house and heard the front door bang open. Foot steps approached the bedroom and a big cop jumped in with his gun pointed right at my stomach and yelled freeze. That's when I pissed myself, luckily I had gone not long before so I didn't get soaked except for the urine I had crawled through. When things settled down, the cop told us the shooters had got away and we were lucky we didn't get hit.

I went to see my father and told him about it and said I needed a gun. We had been shooting/hunting a lot and I was proficient in rifle, shotgun and pistols. He had just the thing for me, a Glock 33, it is known as the pocket rocket. It is a subcompact 357 magnum pistol, small enough to easily fit in my nurses bag. The next day we went out where he shoots and I fired off 2 mags with it. It had a pretty bad kick so I had to be careful when firing it one handed. He told me not to bother trying to get a concealed carry permit because there was no chance of getting one. I worked as a public health nurse for another 8 months, I carried that pistol everywhere I went. I never had to draw it. I still have it in my night stand next to my vibrator.
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Wow. What a rocking nurse! Your stories are really interesting, I probably would've pissed my pants too. 0_0

You better be careful, in the heat of passion you might get that pistol mixed up with that vibrator.