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I don't think there's anything glorious about nursing; its the most stressful and unrewarding profession for anyone. It was constant worry and fatigue for me. After over a decade my body had had all it could take and was defeated completely. My mind didn't escape the torture of nursing either - dealing with other human beings constantly drained me and made me an explosive biatch to be around. My needs weren't ever being met....not even basic needs like sleep, nourishment....even holding my bladder till I almost vomited a couple times, which led to urinary tract infections at least one a month for a year! Yup, the angel of mercy had enough. If I had known what I was getting myself into I never would have done it. Being a nurse S U C K S.
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Hell yeah, you said it. I am a new grad and by the second year of my degree I finally realised what I was in for, but it was too late to turn back and disappoint everyone, apparently it's 'dishonerable' to dislike nursing, you must be a terrible person for not wanting to be in such a noble profession! Dont you like helping people? Dont you like making sick people better? Shame on you! Well I for one like it when its not sh*t-fight busy and an unethical 'production line' which is basically what it is always. I am lucky to have done some community nursing which was much more rewarding. Nurses don't deserve medals, or any other crap, just for gods sake give us a realistic workload.

I feel exactly the same way---nursing is so far from what it used to be... The bottom line is that the facilities are all trying to make money, most of which never filters down to raises for those of us who provide 99% of the care. I work very long intense hours, typically with no breaks. I'm a perfectionist, so am constantly picking up after the nurses who either never learned how to do things right or simply don't care. I'm driven by management to get everything required done in my shift, then threatened with loss of my big 2% annual raise if I don't clock out on time. There is little teaching support for new nurses or for us old timers who need occasional help with tasks that are new to us. The heart has been taken out of providing care and replaced with a frantic push to get the very basics done and stay afloat for 12 hours. I eat while I'm working (keep snacks in my pocket), hold urine until I'm in pain, and last year lost one week of PTO time in the company's effort to cut costs. I work at in inpatient hospice facility where the stress level can be atrocious, but I'm criticized if I show emotion. Many of our best nurses as well as MDs have quit, but it's been over 10 years since I worked acute care and I'm only 4 years from retirement, so don't know where I'd go from here. I can't imagine returning to a cardiac floor, which is what I came from. I just try to hold on until I qualify for Medicare, but it's destroying my nervous system. On top of how bad the work is, I'm terrified of ever being a patient because of all the very inept care that I see being provided. Bottom line: nursing sucks. It was a great job years ago when I began it, but everything about it has changed.

If the USA implemented medicare and 4-1 ratio (4 patients to one nurse) as they do here in australia, things might be different?

Halleleujah!!! Thank you for saying it. If I had known what it would be like being a nurse, I never would have done it. ****ing ruined my life! Sorry for the dramatics, and I hate blaming stuff on something other than myself, but for once I feel justified in doing it. <br />
Kayblue, yeah the shifts are 12 hours....hehe, yeah right, try 13, and if it's a really bad day, 14 before you're done so you can leave. Ugh. The nurses who love their jobs, imo, either work in an easy area, or they are able to cut corners that I didn't feel ok about doing. Constant overtime, a million things coming at you from every direction (all of which over the years have been pushed from other peoples' responsibilities onto the nurses' shoulders), constant unrealistic expectations from doctors, patients, family members, who obviously don't know what the job is like. (And it shouldn't be, the patients should be able to have nurses that can be right there when they need them.) People are constantly stressed out, so the workplace is hell. We actually had a doctor throw a chart across the nurses' station, at a nurse! I don't care what she did, (if anything), that is uncalled for! You feel like a slave, working your life away for people who don't care that you don't have the time/resources to take care of your patients (which is what you wanted to do in the first place!) It's like an assembly line, and the conveyor belt is running way too fast! <br />
Favorite line from management: "Nurses, you need to start taking your lunches!" Right....because we love working from 6 AM to 7PM and not eating breakfast or lunch. THAT'S why we aren't taking our lunches. Sorry you have to pay us for that whole half hour!