Wake Up Call

tawam i have a short term memory loss problem this is why i was told to read a lot write down things which i go back and check form time to time. tawam you sunk this one in to my brain you are a nurse Wow! The V.A. found some problems in my last blood work they wanted me to come in to the V.A. hospital the 10 of this month but i wouldn't do it tell i got back from my vacation. Boise is one of the better V.A. hospitals there is it is a training centers. I have all ready spent two months of this year in there. I want to say i take my hat off to all you nurses. My ex was not there any more but the nurses were holding my hand through all the hard times i was going through, and now i see i am going back. I do think if it was not for the nurses i would throw the towel in. They all know me up at the V.A. i always try to put a smile on there faces, and when at all possible i am all over the hospital helping those who are new to having to face the fight of there life for the first time. They call me the hall rat. sometimes i can't get around because well i know you know why. So here is my first chance to say to all you nurses thank you for being there when a sick person mite just need that smile that you give out so freely. one more time thanks (alsosad)
allsosad allsosad
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

I hope a lot of nurses read this. Especially VA nurses. Thank you for your service, and for your sweet attitude. Wish there were more like you!

What a beautiful tribute!