I Like To Share My Reiki Knowledge With Others

I do hospice volunteering and go and visit people once a week and give them Reiki. For those that may not be aware of what hospice is, it is a group of people that help people/families when someone is close to the end of their life. When I share Reiki with these patients it is not with the intent to help them get better, but to help them find comfort and be in a better place within themselves, so that they can move on to the next part of their journey. Death does not scare me and it doesn't bother me (Too often) to be around people at the end of their lives on this earth.

It is my belief that we go to a place without pain. That we go to a place where we are forgiven and are relieved of our guilt. I believe that once we cross over, we can watch over family and friends. Sometimes help them with things going on in their lives.

I know not all people believe this and that is ok. Because I believe in God/Divine, I can do this work. I enjoy getting to know people when they know they are close to death. When I am there, I know they are not alone. It also gives their families a break. Some are past the point of talking or communicating in anyway, but that is ok. The energy flows to where it is needed anyway. God is good.

I also offer Reiki to family members to help them deal with what they have to. To relieve stress and give them strength. I offer it to healthcare workers, because they work very hard not only working with the patient, but also their families.

I love my work and feel glad that I can help people. I am happy.
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Thank you so much for sharing. I also have the strong desire to help others. Through out my life I have in many different ways. I discovered Reiki many years ago when I thought I was using hands on healing with my children, but always became drained. Then one day the energy moved through me instead & I learned the difference, even tho I didn't know what it was. Now I'm in my 50's and understand the energy I have felt for many years is the energy of the life force. I've been reading books, but have no teacher in my life. I have one friend who on occasion we can get together to practice. She is on level 3 but has not done any teaching. She said the energy she felt through me was very strong. My dilemma is I found I can successfully do things my way instead of methods taught in books. I do receive understanding from them, but the skills I have has come naturally and not learned. Should I change my ways & do it their way?

Warriormom, My advice is this. Always be open to learn and then adapt what you learn to what suits you personally. Many Reiki people may poo poo that statement and say things have to be done in precise steps and procedure. I had an excellent teacher that answered all of my questions. Yes, it is good to stick with basic structure.... Hold no ego, create sacred space for you and the person receiving, hold no expectations and give thanks to Divine/God/Universe for helping.

You didn't mention whether you used Reiki symbols or not. Do you? I find that some symbols feel more right to me then others. Since you are a natural born healer you man not need the symbols as long as you come from a place of love and hold the intent for the highest good. But.... If you were to study the symbols and get Reiki attunements there is a chance that your energy flow would increase greatly. I recommend Diane Stiens Essential Reiki if you have not read it already. She gives some of the symbols in her book. Please feel free to message me with any questions. We are never to old to learn different techniques to improve the talents that we naturally have. Be well. And I hope to hear from you again.

Thanks Loveisallaround! That feels reassuring and makes sense. I will check out the book and continue reading to learn what would be good for me . My angels are saying I'm on my path and I can feel it. My downfall is I get inpatient. I have a question: What are your thoughts on two people sending Reiki at the same time to one recipient?

It is perfectly fine to have 1, 2, 5, 1,000 + to send Reiki to one person at the same time. The more effort put toward the highest good of another, the better. It is not like anyone can overdose on loving energy. Many times when we hear of a natural or man made disaster. Myself and other Reiki practioners will all send Reiki to that part of the world. So the more love, energy and caring sent to anyone, any place, the better. Often people that practice Reiki get together and take turns receiving Reiki. This is called a Reiki share. One person lays on the table and up to 5 (usually) people all lay their hands on the person at the same time. Always one at head to open and close the chakras. It really can be a very interesting experience. I have gone to several. It is better if you find people through others you know. I went to a meet-up event and it was OK, but not held in the most sacred way. My friends and I would have cleansed the room and all people involved a little better. If you have a Holistic or new age store near you, it can be a good place to meet people. I am glad that your Angels confirm that you are on your way. Please remember while we are on our paths we can not always move at high speeds. Just like in a car, we have to slow down at curves, intersections and stop lights. We all have our moments when we just want to ARRIVE and be done with the process of traveling. We see more when we drive from place to place. When we fly we see traffic, crowded airports, upset and nervous people. Then hopefully beautiful clouds!!! Then back to a crowded airport and traffic again. Honestly which is the more pleasant trip? I'm all for seeing the country side!! Meeting people in different towns when you stop for gas. The world is a wonderful place, try not to rush through your life. You are right where you are supposed to be, as am I. Be well

Thanks! I like your analogy with traveling. I'm going to do some meditation on patience and enjoying the ride. I would love to do a Reiki share, but again I'll wait until it presents itself. I do know of practitioners gathering to help heal people & the earth from a disaster. I was just concerned if a person could have an overload of energy if they are fragile at the time, but you answered my question. :) Thanks for all of your help. Namaste

It is my belief that the body will take what it needs and the rest will go to where it is needed. I sometimes add that to a prayer before I start. "Let the Reiki energy flow to where it is needed or accepted. If there is any that is not needed here, please let it flow into the Earth and come up through the feet of those willing to accept it on their highest level." Or whatever comes to mind. It is never wasted. Namaste

I like the sounds of that........

The beauty of it is that you can give Reiki to any of Mother Earth's children - the rivers, oceans, animals, trees, or a specific place / location in the World.

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I was attuned a Reiki Master about 2 years ago. They say that you don't find Reiki, Reiki finds you. This resonates with other aspects of my human/spiritual growth. Thank you for sharing. Namaste

Thank you. I think you are right. I didn't study with the first teacher that came along because it didn't feel "Right". Although I was able to use a healing touch that very night on my sons. I was shown one symbol that I have only found part of after researching many books. I didn't meditate, study or visualize the symbol. I was told that I was given an atunement, but was not taught the symbols or how to use them.

Upon arriving home one son had the hiccups and the other a migraine. I placed my hands on my youngest sons chest and back asked him to belly breathe and as soon as I placed my hands on him the hiccups stopped instantly and didn't return.

My older son had a terrible headache. I places my hands on the sites of his head and asked God for help. After a few moments it was gone.

Was this Reiki or a way for GOD TO SHOW ME THE PATH to Reiki? To help a person with low self-esteem to know amazing things were possible if I followed the path of Reiki and the desire to help others on a healing path. I do not know for sure what it was, but I am very grateful that I waited for the excellent Reiki master to teach me. She taught from such a place of love and understanding. I do not think I would be the person I am today if I had gone with one of the first 2 teachers I came across. I am very grateful for the lessons that they did teach me, but glad that they did not "TEACH me the ways of Reiki"

Don't forget to give yourself Reiki/healing energy everyday. You are worth it! Namaste.

I try to do that everyday, but sometimes get distracted. Thank you for the reminder. Namaste.