Dear Herman, You Screwed Up!

Herman Cain, what is the deal here! I have followed you for quite some time now, and listened to you when you substituted for Neal Boortz on his radio show. You were a refreshing voice out there talking about the events of the day. When you first decided to run for President, I was excited to see you join the race. I did have my doubts about you going all the way, but I was seriously considering not only voting for you in the primaries, but campaigning for you as well. I agreed with your message, was impressed with your story, and appreciated your ethusiasm. You were a true non-politician who exuded competence.

In the past week, you have been attacked in a truly vile smear campaign. Anonymous of sexual harrasment...the victim of some very low handed political games. I still have big doubts about the validity of the claims, but am also having doubts about your "crisis management" abilities. You supposidly had ten days from the time you knew the story was coming out till the time it was published, and you still managed to fail big time in your responses. You obviously have idiots advising you on how to repond, or you are an idiot for not seeking out solid counsel prior to responding. Your answers about what you knew, when you knew it, accusations of racism etc... Don't cut it. I do not necessary buy the accusations, but I am very disappointed in the way you are handling the mess. It gives me pause as to your ability to handle the challenges of the office you seek. You have dropped the ball big time!

Finally, we don't yet know for sure who threw this slime. We cam guess. It could be a fellow Republican competitor or it could be Obams's minnions. If it is a fellow candidate he will be toast when the facts come out. As to Mr. Obama, it will be a cold day in hell before he earns my vote. It almost seems like the man is in a race to screw as much up as he possibly can before his first term ends. God help America!
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3 Responses Nov 3, 2011

Today, when Herman Cain withdrew from the presidential race, I was so disappointed. I wanted to see a real fight against these scurrilous accusations launched against him. By him bowing out, I feel like the Left has won a victory today.

I truly hope that this is a temporary setback and a learning experience for Cain. He's got the stuff to go all the way if he'll surround himself with the best campaign minds that he can afford. I was ready to put my full support behind him and I still think there's a chance.

I'm afraid I agree. I don't want Romney but the ineptitude with which Cain has handled this distresses me. Any Republican should expect to be slimed this way. Remember what the New York times did to McCain with their extra-marital non-story after he sewed up the nomination in 2008. No way they would have done that story while he was running against more conservative foes.