Please No More Obama

Im fearfull that Obama may win the next election.  There are alot of  "needy" people out there that he ;is pandering to.  They don't realize that nothing is free in this life.  There is a price to pay for the hand outs..........its called socialism......its scary. 
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There is no doubt that Obama is totally incompetent, continual and pathological liar, and does not have America's freedoms and interests at heart. I am hoping he will be impeached along with Holder. Thanks for your story and I thoroughly read and concur with your reader's comments.

I can't stand Obama. His Obamacare is causing medical rates to rise 100-150 percent in some' is 'free health care' working out for his constituents now ?

I don't understand how Eric Holder can be responsible for trafficking 3800 guns into Mexico that are responsible for killing innocent Mexicans and he is not held responsible for it.

He set the Middle East on fire by supporting 'insurgents' and now the entire Middle East is destabilized.

He renewed the Patriot Act that Bush originated, but Obama campaigned against.

The NSA and the IRS have spied on innocent Americans and he swears up and down he knew nothing about it, but he has done nothing to penalize those that have.

I am not 100 percent confident that he is an American citizen. Otherwise, why would he hide his transcripts ? Something is on those transcripts that he is hiding. It may be his religious affiliation, classes he took on socialism, his place of birth or he may have a state dept ISN number rather than a SS number. could be that his grades at Columbia were not good enough to get into Harvard law school suggesting he was admitted because he was black and -not because he was competitive. I don't know wny, but he is definitely hiding something.

I can't stand Obama. And I don't like his meddling First Lady that wants to legislate what we eat either.

This story and the comments that have followed show the deep division in our country. I just hope that sooner than later we realize that there are truths and untruths on both sides of these issues and we ought to make a very honest effort to find better solutions by working and talking together. there is no easy answer and both sides are going to have to find away to compromise. I don't think it is going to happen any time soon but it will have to take place or else this country and that great democratic experiment will fail.

Yea Savory, that card has been played so much it is laughable, Yes it was and is a black spot on this nation of ours, yet dragging it up every time the black make a mistake or wrong does not affect me and millions like me, for my ancestors did not own one slave for we were dying of hunger do to the potato famine. There are many black out there that have made a great living for them salves without playing the race card. I know whites, that has bad things happen to them and they don't go around crying about how bad the other guy has been to them.
The point is anything that has happened to you it was you that hurt yourself and I am one that quit on Dennis not anyone else. For I am the one that gave up on me not the black or whites just me This is what is wrong with this country of ours today-no one wants to take responsibility for ones’ own actions, it is too easy to blame it on someone else. I for one Believe That GOD is still in control and nothing is going to happen unless he wants it too or using it to bring this country back around as well as those of us that live here and that includes me!

bulls..t.............. he is the second worst president in my life time... the worst being Carter... and last i recall he was white....

So let me get this straight. Despite the fact that everyone is going to pay more taxes, and just because "the rich" are going to pay more, when in fact, they pay more even when economic times are good, it makes the liberals feel really good about themselves becuase the people who earn more than them and have a little more than them, will suffer more in paying more. Here's the thing they will never understand. The so-called "rich" are the ones that own the businesses, whether it's big or small will have to pay both personal and corporate taxes, and with Obamacare, they are required to pay for insurance, which means that they will either have to shut down their business or lay people off.

It is stupid to say those who vote for Obama are economically depend on government, i.e. socialism. I paid in to Social Security and Medicare and don't see these as a hand out. These programs to hurt people. All you is a slogan. Socialism is an economic system where the government owns the means of production and everyone works for the state, not a system where society seeks to keep people from starving to death jut because they are children. Jesus and Salvation are free for the taking. Your idea that "I've got mine, screw you" is scary as a religion and a political position.

They don't realize
that nothing is free
in this life.


I was created for free.

Water is for free.

Land used to be for free.

Air is for free.

Sun is for free.

Sorry Mam, but you are wrong.

The rich are greedy true.

But I tell you,
with greed comes fear.

Big fear.

You are my person. I am sooooo glad that Obama will be there for an other four years!!!!

America is a "social" nation
that provides for the welfare of all the people,
not just the rich ones!

Well said.

I have no resentment, or jealousy towards people who have become successful. I am upset when they tell me I am lazy, and I don't work hard enough, but I am not jealous, or resentful. Please I don't need or want your pity, I just want you to understand where the other side is coming from. I have grown up, and in my opinion I am pretty mature. I find it insulting that you are looking down at me. All I want is to be seen as equal. It took a lot of time to apologize to you, and explain why I was angry, and yet you have insulted me again. You have disregarded my attempt to apologize to you, and you have shown me you have nothing but pity for the working poor. Like I said we don't want your pity, we want equality. Please if you plan on responding think before you say something because you have really insulted both me and my and my intelligence. Once again have a good day, and God bless.

What are you talking about?

How do you get equality? What is your plan?

To tax fairly, not that complicated. Why is it easier to believe the poor are lazy rather than companies are being greedy and shipping jobs overseas that could have went to the needy here?

Didn't I mention helping the "working poor" in one of my posts? I felt a feeling from your post and the other post.............a feeling of jeliousy, and resentment, for anyone who is successful in life. its sad...........I feel sorry for you. Perhaps you will grow up some day

Good for you. I'm sorry about your brother's condition, that is a very tough break. Of course with all due respect that is not what I meant by the term less fortunate. I meant people who work hard every day and hardly see a dime. I'm sorry I went off on you but your comments to the previous person commenting were uncalled for and rude. I highly doubt he meant no offense, and I believe that he was very polite in voicing his opinion. You called him a lazy ***, and now you're calling me immature? He didn't insult you, he only voiced his opinion, and that is our god given right. I meant what I said when I said we all need to help each other, and I hope you agree with that. Have a nice day and I am very sorry for my rudeness.

Less fortunate deserve worse than me. Let me tell you about the Less Fortunate, I have a brother who is a paranoid schophrinic. I know all about the less fortunate. I do everything for him, and I didn't learn that in kindergarten. I was taught that by my parents and church. You are very immature. The things you posted I didn't even say. Its your perspective. Spoken like a true liberal...PS I sold the store for $175,000 for your information............Im now retired and spending the money..............

What is a paranoid schophrinic?

We are all a part of this world, and just because you and your friends didn't take to heart the teachings of kindergarten, does not mean the people who are less fortunate deserve worse than you. Why do you wear success like a medal of honor, and then hang it over the heads of the less fortunate. You worked hard to get where you are, but that does not mean the unsuccessful like myself have not worked just as hard or harder. I am sorry if this comment seems mean, but you're not as kind as I thought you were. I am surprised by your selfish bitterness and disgusted. I am not lazy, and the word lazy doesn't define the poor either. You obviously do not know what it is like to work your *** off every day, and not see results. Not everyone can be like you, and once you accept that you can accept the fact that we must all help each other out. If that is socialism then I am proud to be a socialist. I'm sorry that I am so scary to you but I have a right to my opinions just as everyone else does, and I'd appreciate it if you'd respect that. That includes respecting others. I'm just so sorry that a person who barely old enough to vote has to tell ya that. Have a nice day at you convenience store,<br />

kind of figured you rich a Republican's would say that :) ..:(

obama is a puppet the illuminati controls us look it up

I owned my own Convienence store. No one helped their fellow man more than I. It is up to each of us to be mindfull of the needs of others and to help when prompted. Just because someone has their hand out doesn't mean they are "needy" perhaps they are just "Greedy"....<br />
Im sure Jesus is proud of the way I have met the needs of others.<br />

Why on Earth do you need to describe people in poverty as needy? Describing us like that makes us look like the people at fault. When someone describes me as needy it makes me feel like it's my own fault. And I for one know that it is not all up to hard work to get out of poverty. I work hard, but it's only just enough. But I can live with that because I know that the poor must exist for the rich to exist. And the rich must exist for the poor to exist. What I don't think you, or your people really understand is that poverty is not a result of laziness, and lack of education. Poverty is the result of how our economy works. Instead of supporting the poor, we support the wealthy, so more people fall through the cracks. You guys keep assuming if we give the rich more money then the rich will create more jobs. But that's backwards. The reason executives create jobs is because they need more money. When they create jobs they need more money to come in, and their business expands. There is no way that the rich will create more jobs if they are doing fine the way it is. The object of the game is to make more money. So right now that means outsourcing the jobs so they don't have to pay as much, and eliminating expensive US jobs. They will make way more money if they do it that way. And then to top it all off they get tax breaks over here so they don't have to pay as much. They are swimming in money right now. Their children don't even know the meaning of a hard life, or hard work, and you still think that one day they will create more jobs one day. Well let me tell I'm waiting because I could use another one to pay the rent. I am not needy or greedy, I am a hardworking American who will never be recognized because I am not "successful", or "rich." But don't worry about it cause as long as Jesus is proud of you it doesn't matter.

You are 18-21 years old. Im sorry if the word needy upsets you. I call you "the working poor" . The working poor are the ones that deserve to be helped in my opinion. But you are only 18 - 21. Sounds like you don't like starting out on the bottom of the pay scale. To bad....most of us here started out just that way. Thats life. I don't think big business should be allowed to set up in other countries. We need to keep the jobs here in the USA. And if people would be more mindfull of the purchases they make and buy American. I think we could see a turn around here in USA. Im sorry that you are not able to make ends meet. But at your age it is no ones fault. Poor must exist for the rich to exist? This doesn't even make sence. Sounds to me like you want to zoom to the top of the pay scale. You are going to have to climb like the rest of us sweety. Been there done that.

Lucy you misunderstand me. I am not looking to make it big, or even be rich. I am not jealous of the rich whatsoever. I may not be able to make ends meet all the time, but that doesn't bother me. What bothers is people saying that the only reason me or my parents are not at the top is because we don't work hard enough. What bothers me is that the rich are allowed to outsource their jobs, and then tell me that the only reason I'm not as rich as them is because I don't work hard enough, and I didn't get the right education. What bothers me is that help nowadays is seen as a handout instead of a good deed. What bothers me is that the only reason people help is out of pity, not out of necessity. What bothers me is that if I ask for some help, and I vote for a leader who tries to make it easier for me to live, I am seen as an American hating scumbag. I know you don't think Obama has done anything to help and that he's made things worse. But your wrong. He's helped me. With his health care plan I can stay on my parents health insurance until I turn 26. That really helps me more than you'll ever know. And my siblings can't be dropped because of preexisting conditions.

They might be only 18-21 but they have a much better sense of the world than you do. Mitt Romney has made a career of sending jobs over-seas...that's what he does best.

Obama probably will win, which is good of course. But if Mitt wins, then this country will get what it voted for...a true idiot.

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Hey, Lucy!<br />
I'm also fearful of what might happen in the next few months that may get Mr. Obama re-elected into office. My children deserve a better future than what this man is doing to the US. Just the debt that we've incurred in the last three or so years is too much to ever pay back it seems.

You are right. LoneBlogger......we will never get out of dept......we owe the Chinese $$$$$ we can never pay back.....China is not our friend. Now they are in the drivers seat. It really is scary.

I believe most of that debt came form two unfunded wars. It was George w. that led us down that path.

Amen to all you said. Obama's goal is to make us all fully dependent on big government. He is destroying our country. Guess what? When you extend unemployment benefits, people stay unemployed for longer periods of time! I have friends that became unemployed and delayed even looking for work because the hand-outs were too good and they didn't want to work.

there are also thousands of unemployed who would starve wo benefits. then the whole country could fall.

Sorry but I think Obama is a slick talking idiot and it has nothing to do with his color or religion, that wont change and no other's arguement will change my mind. But I fear that we will be stuck with him for another term because I dont think the repub's have anybody running strong enough to beat him. Just my take on it. My Best.

You can bet that every Mormon in the USA will vote for Romney, they are a very clanish group. This fact alone brings a huge smile to this Rebupbican face........

personly i think people want him out cause he is black not because of his poltics...... i knowalife long democrate who changed his party to vote the o man out cause he doesnt want a blk man in the white house..

romney has romney health care in his state he governs, it is state law that every one has to have health insh, he past the law him self... its nearly the same as o bam health care ..

im surprised rommey doesnt use his mexican linkage to inspire the latins to vote for him . i gusse he wants to pretend he is a white man

its congress that makes or breaks this country, they are the ones who say, yes or no ... all the preseent can do is hope ....

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PS...............Socialism doesn't work...........a nice thought and very Christ like but...............NOT

I am being sincere when I ask this? What do you really know about socialism? Not what have you heard? Not what have you been fed? What do you, yourself actually know about socialism? I ask because I've never lived in a socialist country and I've never sat down and had in-depth conversations with many socialists. I have also never read any books written by socialists, so I am not well versed in socialism or its history. I actually looked up the word socialism found the following :

Socialism is an economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy, and a political philosophy advocating such a system. "Social ownership" may refer to any one of, or a combination of, the following: cooperation enterprises, common ownership, direct public ownership or autonomous state enterprises. There are MANY VARIATIONS of socialism and as such there is no single definition encapsulating all of socialism. They differ in the type of social ownership they advocate, the degree to which they rely on markets versus planning, how management is to be organized within economic enterprises, and the role of the state in constructing socialism.

I found that on wiki and that was only one paragraph. I did not realize that the idea of socialism could encompass so many different ideas. It seems to me that socialism is NOT a black and white issue that can be dismissed by one blanket statement.

When you think about it, aren't public libraries a socialist idea? That whole common ownership thing? And what about police and fire departments? Don't we all contribute to them for the sake of the common good? I know I am glad I don't have to fund and house my own private cop and firefighter on my property. Streets, sewers, traffic lights...I like them too!

Please forgive me for being a little bit silly, but the fact of the matter is that those things I mentioned are socialist ideas at work, and in fact they are good and do work. Does that mean we should throw democracy aside, of course not! But making a blanket statement about a very complex subject isn't the answer either.

It seems you take issue with "needy" people and Obama wanting to help them. I guess I wonder what you specific issue is? Do you feel that we as a society should help no one who is truly in need? Are you angry that he believes everyone should have access to healthcare?

Are you upset because he wants to raise taxes on a very select group of people who have all the advantages, by having them pay just a little more? If the truly wealthy people of this country weren't consistently increasing their wealth and if the least of those among us weren't struggling even more, then I could possibly see where you could have a problem? But when the third richest guy on the planet (Warren Buffett) offers his unsolicited opinion that he needs to pay more taxes, I'm personally thinking the super wealthy will still be able to keep the lights on if their taxes go up a little.

I am not asking you to join Obama for America, I would just suggest you actually think about what you are saying and maybe try putting yourself in the shoes of another. Maybe try on the role of a single mom (because she lost her husband in Iraq) raising two kids on 25k a year?

I'm okay with helping the needy. And while I'd like to see welfare reform, to help people more effectively (think teaching them to fish instead of giving them a fish) and to stop fraud, I would rather have a small group take advantage of the system so that the vast majority who need it can be helped, rather than shut down the entire system so that no one is getting over on me. I live by the philosophy of giving the beggar the money and letting God work out the details.

I truly hope for your sake you never find yourself on the other side of your beliefs….

kate you made some good points

Free education to State and Federally funded schools, healthcare for ALL no matter what religion you have, no matter how much money you came from or have. what a horrible thing to inflict on the American people! How dare the President or anyone else try and make sure that even if I get laid off on NO FAULT OF MY OWN I can still feed my kids and make sure their health needs are taken care of! Shame on the government for not allowing uninsured people die in the streets! <br />
<br />
I heard a story about a guy who traveled around healing sick people for FREE and befriending people who were different than him and urging people to accept people for who they are and not to judge or point fingers.....I think his name is Jesus. You heard of him I'm sure, because I heard that's who people like you roll with. Next time you fall to your knees to pray you should give that guy a piece of your mind!!! HOW DARE HE!

You sound like an angery person with their hand out.
Nothing is free my dear.

Isaish 58:10 If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.
Yes your're right! SOCIALISM sucks....tell that to Jesus....

and u sound like a selfish *****

Jesus wanted to help the people by giving them faith and wanted them to learn to help themselves. Obama wants to help by making all dependent upon big government.

Thats your preception.............

what hapens to people who cant afford health care ? they end up dead or in the e/r .. where in turn the cost of ur health insh will in crease cause poor people are useing the hospital as a last ditch effort to have a doctor treat them..................... in los/a they have a free health fare every year over 5.000 people show up every year cause they cant afford any health insh

im happy that my child can be on my health insh..... he is working 2 jobs going to school and he cant affford to pay for health insh .. not when he has rent, car payment and food and cost of books, classs fees,gas to get to school and to his 2 jobs, runs him big bucks...

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