Contact Todd Akin About Getting Out Of The U S Senate Race In Missouri

The US news media know full well that in his ill-considered response to a journalist, Todd Akin, Republican nominee for the US Senate in Missouri, did not mean to suggest that rape can ever be "legitimate." Nonetheless the damage has been done. According to Guy Benson of, "The final deadline for Akin to leave the race is September GOP operative notes...that internal polling indicates that 'a cardboard box' stands a better chance of beating [Claire] McCaskill than Akin." [1]

Incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill is very unpopular in Missouri. Yet If Akin stays in the race the golden opportunity to retire this politician who came to office scurrilously claiming George W. Bush mishandled Hurricane Katrina because he didn't care about New Orleans black people will likely be lost. This could greatly damage the Republicans' chances of recapturing the US Senate. If Mitt Romney is elected President he will need Republicans in the US Senate for all sorts of things, especially confirmation of supreme Court justices.

I believe if Akin were to withdraw he would be replaced by Sarah Steelman, the candidate who was supported in the primary by the Tea Party group that e-mails me. My impression is she would be a very strong candidate. McCaskill advertised during the primary campaign to help Akin beat Steelman.

I sent Representative Akin this e-mail :
"I sympathize with you for the brutal treatment you have received from the biased news media. However as a Republican who is deeply concerned about the future of this country I am concerned that your US Senate campaign has been mortally wounded. I would abhor seeing Claire McCaskill re-elected. Please withdraw from the US Senate campaign."

(Didn't notice that I had used "concerned" twice on one sentence.) I was told that because I am outside Akin's district he cannot respond to my e-mail, but I got no indication it will not be received.

If you wish to contact Todd Akin, his e-mail page is

To contact his Washington D. C. office,
Voice: (202) 225-2561 Fax: (202) 225-2563

His St. Louis district office has a toll-free number :
(866) 236-3392

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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I think the sad part is he claims to be staying in the race because of his ideas and principles. Are we to believe he is the only person in his party who can represent whatever principles he stands for? I think it is arrogant to think such a thing. It reminds me of Christian radio talk show hosts who just have to have your money to stay on the air because their work is so important. It is as if God couldn't find another way to get his message out without their help. The same is true in this case the State of Missouri was plenty of qualified people who can take his place.

He stayed in, so I am very much hoping he wins.