HOW Can We Win This Election (urgent)

If we want to win this election, John McCane must call for a news confrence at which time he should announce that if elected, he will first remove the secretary of the treasury and appoint Mitch Romney secretary, (pointing out his vast experience in bailing out an economic disaters) He would appoint GuLliany as the attorney General to prosecute the fraudulent acts  on wall street, that brought us to this disaster. (The way he cleaned America from the Mafia, while serving as U.S. Attorney ) Change the S.E.C ledearship to allow more effective prosecution of the thousands  fraudulent acts by public Companies. Appoint more qualified person as the Housing Secretary . Terrorisn, health care, tax cuts are not an issue anymore in this campaign.

Naming Warren Bufett as a secretary of the treasury is ridiculous, he is a corporate raider not an economic genious.

Think of some other big names changes. Short of this we are not going to win the election. 

officer officer
Oct 9, 2008