Ok, I've had enough. What was once an amusing sideline in debt-ceiling nonsensical rhetoric is now a shambles of potentially catastrophic proportions.

(This story is clearly going to get dated really soon because we'll all be bankrupt by mid-October at this rate)

In return for raising the debt ceiling (the fact we have one at all is also something for which, on behalf of my party, I can only apologize to the country), the Republican party is basically trying to alter the practice of constitutional government in this country. I.e. doing their very damnedest to ruin it.

For agreeing not to unnecessarily cause a default in our national debt, Republicans in Congress are asking for:

1. Delay in Obamacare for a year
2. Getting Keystone XL back
3. Gutting the Clean Air Act
4. Repealing a bunch of bank regulations
5. Paul Ryan's tax reform
6. Medicare cuts
7. Cuts in a range of other anti-poverty programs
8. Making malpractice suits harder
9. Encouraging drilling on federally-owned land
10.Damaging regulatory oversight.

I don't particularly disagree with any of these proposals. I don't think that most Republicans do. But holding the government hostage over this nonsense is approaching treasonous levels of stupidity.

So, the House is basically proposing making the President an elected figurehead who is to do nothing more than exercise an executive nod of approval. From the party which gives most credence to avoiding constitutional innovation, I'm appalled.

Raising the ceiling isn't a moment to 'bargain' about federal spending. Neither side wants the alternative to raising it which is a default, and which is in no one's interests. A bargain would be when one side wants something and the other side says "Yes, but only if you do this thing too." Raising the ceiling is something EVERYONE (with a brain) knows is necessary to avoid financial disaster.

I blame the President as much for this because he encouraged the current diabolical situation by using the first time the House tried this in 2011, as a pretext for a bit of bipartisan showmanship (that didn't work either). But there is no excuse for making a mockery of our woes this way. The message my party is sending out is that when one side in the political prices doesn't get its way, it should ruin the whole country in a fit of pique. The Republican party in the House of Representatives, and the bizarre lunacy of the Tea Party which is informing its actions, should be thoroughly ashamed of itself.

Worse still, if they do pull this stunt in October, and the train really does fly off the rails, then there will very probably not be a republican party any more.

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Yeah, you are right; we have way too many absurd Republicans around. There are so many useful things they could and should be doing to stop the train wreck that will ultimately happen, but all too often they are too busy with meaningless distractions to simply do the right thing.

My only hope is that the country's "life expectancy" exceeds my own. Easy for me to say at my age; its the younger people like you that are really going to get screwed.

Spend, spend, spend, it's the democatic way.

Obama care is just another intitlement that's going to cost us all way too much for the ones who need it.

You, the younger generation is who is going to pick up the tab for Obama care. The ACA is something the democrats have wanted to do for 60 years, if it was about health care it would be a cool programme, but it's about control. You may think I'm full of BS, but as the programme unfolds you will see what I mean.

If Obama care fails the next step will be a single payer system, socialized medicine, like many European country's have. Health care is medeoker and cost a great deal.

Several European country's are trying to go back to private payer programs because of the huge cost and inefficientcys of letting the government run such a complicated program. But once you start handing out the candy it's very difficult to take it back.

Just my opinion, that and a buck seventy five will get a small coffee at Starbucks.

I want to update this to point out that Ted Cruz is an abominably ignorant savage who's maybe suited to discussing the few issues he barely gets his head around as prelude to a bar room brawl, but certainly not the United States Senate.

So interesting reading someone who has the direct opposite views to my own. I must admit I don't understand the American psyche. To me your Democrat party is too conservative and the Republicans are absurd but it is interesting reading your post in order to understand why you believe what you do. Take care:)

Well I'd certainly agree that a huge bunch of Republicans are absurd ;) thanks for your comment :)