A Female Republican.

I make no bones about the fact I am a die hard Republican. It is time for the Democrats to get out of office and take their health care plan with them. It will be gone soon. Next year, the Republicans will in power in the House and Senate. Obama will have to deal with us for the next few years. He will get nothing he wants from Congress. The only words the Republicans will tell Obama is "HELL NO, MR. PRESIDENT".  "YOU WANT WHAT"?  "YOU WANT ITWHEN"?  YOU MUST BE KIDDING".
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Time to send Obama and his crooks to jail.

Shows how much you know. I hope a republican gets in just so you can remember this convo. Health care won't be gone because of a republican. They first planned the **** in the 90s there just pissed that they didn't do it. And there's a lot more reasons why it won't. But I don't see you understanding them. Learn how politics work.


I am a Republican as well, and I switched parties because I was discontent with what the Democrats were doing. I don't have anything against President Obama, with the exception of his policies that I disagree with. The way I see it, if you are a Republican or a Democrat, it doesn't matter. Your political views are just that, your political views. I stand with the Republican party, because it lines up with my own core values, and what I believe. Every person has to do what is right for their voting process.

To your point, I also disagree with the Health Care law. It is a government mandate that should not have been as it is in the first place, in addition to the increase in health care premiums. The law should be changed.