Because someone has to earn the money you live off of.
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Amen to that. Lots of opposition from the left on this board. Those lazy, brainwashed, loose hippy *******

Wow. My house is paid off and so are my cars and I got money in the bank. And I'm not even close to a self absorbed *** hole like retarded ***** like you guys. I can't believe how much ignorant garbage you people barf out when talking. It's kinda entertaining and scary how you guys view other people with different beliefs.

I hope the kid in the pic doesn't turn out gay cause I know how you guys feel about that.

Welfare is not a belief system you ******* idiot, it is way of life where people don't achieve things for themselves. Albeit, I still don't agree with almost anything that liberals do or say, this is not about bashing the left, it is about bashing people that suck on Uncle Sam's manboob!

Nice. I like how your in your fantasy world and think everyone can make it in life easy. What was your child hood like? And how much money did your parents make? What kind of environment was around you? And would you take food stamps if you lost your job and had to feed your family? Also if there were no food stamps and health care what the hell do you think would happen to people like you?

You would get robbed and crime would go up. Because if I had to feed my family and couldn't find a good paying job then I would rob people cause my family is more important to me then you or any stranger is. That's why we have food stamps and social programs. Ignorant people like the ones on here have no idea what life is like for many people in this world. I guess most people are lazy hippy brain washed bitchs.

Feeding hungry people and not feeding them is not a belief system? I believe hungry people should be feed and you don't. I think that's called different beliefs. Idiot

My dad and my uncle both came from nothing, no mother, and dad that died when my old man was 18 yrs old. No one to feed them and nothing handed to them but the debt of their fathers failed business. Do you know what they did? They went out to the streets and nearly died of starvation they ended up in jail for theft and petty crimes until finally one day they just died of misfortune and shame...wait a minute... No they actually ended up taking on even more debt with nothing to lose and pushed their way through 4 years of medical school and 3 yrs of residency and now employ more than 4 hundred people and 20 other Doctors...
They have also put myself, my two brothers and 4 cousins as well as multiple other "under-privileged" people through college and several through law school. I could go on for hours listing THEIR accomplishments, however, I cannot think of any that were catalyzed by the government in any way. Do I need to explain the moral of this story to you, or do you have enough brain cells bumping around in that balloon of yours to decipher it?

No you just explained it well. You and your family have money so **** everyone else. You really think that **** is possible for most people? Like really? We can all become Drs and lawyers. You just have to push yourself. C'mon man and it's 2014 **** ain't easy and the population is how big today compared to then? And how many jobs are out sourced today compared to then? Don't be ignorant. You didn't struggle with **** man your daddy paid your way threw life.

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