I am very much Republican voter and have been for 21 years. I am only liberal in two areas and other than that I am very conservative.
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I'm none of the parties. You know why? Cause I'm my own damn person who thinks for himself. If a republican or democrat have a good idea then I'm for it. I hate people using one word to describe themselves.

*You* may not like it, because you don't feel you deserve to be pigeonholed. Some people are liberal or conservative cliches

My most unconservative impulse is probably education

I am a Republican voter but politically I am a "Conservatarian." That is, I am a conservative and a libertarian.

As a libertarian, I believe in personal freedom and liberty combined with personal responsibility and accountability. I think the government should stay out of our lives so long as we are not doing something that hurts others. Whatever one or more consenting adults choose to do, swallow, or smoke is none of government's business.

As a conservative, I believe that governments should do only those things that ONLY government can do. Furthermore, governments at every level must be held to the exercise of power as defined by the law. At the Federal level, that law is defined by the US Constitution, which enumerates the powers granted, by the people, to the Government and reserves all other powers to the people and to the states.

Lol I'm only Liberal in one area (homosexual marriage. I just really don't care if they marry), otherwise, I am Conservative. xD

Lol you would hate me then

I'm a Republican too. YEAH!