I Am a Republican -NOT!
Why vote against your own self-interests and that of millions of people?

Did you see Sen. Elizabeth Warren's fantastic response to the GOP blocking the "Bank on Students Act" -- her game-changing bill to help 40 million Americans refinance their student loans?

She's not backing down and neither is Democracy for America.

Since 2013, more than 175,000 DFA members have supported Sen. Warren's campaign to solve the student debt crisis. Now, we're turning out voters to hold roadblock Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell accountable for their obstruction.

Working together, we can stop this disaster from destroying our economy.

-- Jay Henderson, Democracy for America.


To The People of America:
Below is an outline written by Senator Elizabeth Warren regarding the Republican Obstructionism for blocking the effort to make it more affordable for people to educate themselves, lower interest rates to help the burden of educational expenses for the working class.

While Republicans always talk the good game of government not giving 'hand-outs' to people but instead should legislate to give people the opportunity for a 'hand up' the economic ladder, their votes say otherwise....
-Dream Wizard

The excuses have started. Once again, the Republicans blocked a vote on our student loans bill -- and now that they are about to head home to face voters, they are pouring out the excuses.

Excuse #1:
Some Republicans say that the benefit of letting people refinance their student loans is too small. Too small? Tell that to young people with 8%, 10%, even 12% interest rates (and higher on some of the private loans). They could save hundreds -- or even thousands -- of dollars on their excessive student loan payments each year.

But if the Republicans really think the benefit of the bill is too small, I'll call their bluff. I'm all for finding ways to give our students an even bigger break.

Excuse #2:
Some Republicans say that the $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt just isn't a big deal -- that we should be focused on the rising costs of college instead. Yes, the rising cost of college is a terrible problem -- and we need to stop it -- but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything for the millions of people who already went to school and are being crushed by debt.

But if the Republicans really want to do more, I'll call their bluff. Let's work together to do even more to help our students. I'm ready.

Excuse #3:
Some Republicans don't like that the bill is paid for by closing the tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires and making them pay their fair share.

But if the Republicans' only problem with the bill is how it's paid for, I'll call their bluff. If they have ideas on other ways to pay for it, we're eager to listen.

Excuse #4:
Some Republicans -- including Mitch McConnell -- went so far as to say that Democrats don't really want this bill to pass. Really? That's just plain ridiculous.

Only in Washington can you vote against something, and then when it doesn't pass, blame the people who voted for it.

Excuses. Excuses. But they don't fool anyone. They don't fool each of you who signed our petitions, made phone calls, posted on Facebook and tweeted asking for a vote.

This isn't complicated. It's a choice -- a choice that raises a fundamental question about who the United States Senate works for. Does it work for those who can hire armies of lawyers and lobbyists to protect tax loopholes for billionaires and profits for the big banks? Or does it work for those who work hard, play by the rules, and are trying to build a future for themselves and their families?

This fight isn't over. Millions of Americans are getting crushed in student loan debt, while the rich and powerful hang on tight to their tax loopholes. When the choice is between billionaires and students, I know which side I'm on, and I'm going to keep hitting back.

Thank you for being a part of this,

DreamWizard DreamWizard
51-55, F
2 Responses Sep 20, 2014

I don't ever see any republicans coming to the democrat page and bitching about democrats. We republicans have better things to do than to troll. Must suck for your party to have lost last night.

Troll? *****? No, this is about letting the public know that the Republicans refuse to vote to lower student loan rates.

Who the flying **** are you to talk **** about Republicans you hate filled homophobe racist bigot. Go skewer for ******* worthless freeloading garbage elsewhere. Typical of a democrat to always want a ******' handout. Guess you can't pay your god damn loans back and it's everyone else's fault but your ******' own. If you couldn't afford the loans than you shouldn't have gotten it in the ****** first place.

So full of hate and vile. So full of judgement. Wrong judgement too as you make incorrect assumptions. You really are such a delight. People must just love to be around you. lol.

This is not about 'free' education this is about 'lowering' the rate of loans. Free education in other countries isn't free like you think, it's not a 'hand out' , it's paid through taxes.

You're the one full of hate and vile. You're the one attacking republicans on the republican page. And then tell me I have no ******' right to ******* stand up for my party. You're the lowlife piece of crap that started the fight. Always ******* whining and ******* complaining like an ungrateful spoiled brat. You should be ******* grateful for your college education and stop your whining about interest rates you ******* hypocrite. You're the worst ******* liberal hypocrite ever. I'm here to expose you ******* crybaby spoiled brat democrats for whom you really are.

You really have issues. Why are you against people being able to educate themselves in a more affordable way? Are you a Republican or banker?

I'm all about people educating themselves AFFORDABLY. If they can't afford the students loans, they obviously suck at math.

"........you hate filled homophobe racist bigot. "

Where did that come from? Seriously,... get some help. To attack and accuse someone of something completely unrelated to the conversation is ludicrous. Esp. since I am a strong advocate for gay rights.

If you want to talk about bias, look at yourself. You are a homosexual Republican. This means you support a party who puts forth bills to eliminate the rights of homosexuals. Perhaps this is why you choose to 'stay in the closet'. Between your 'Christian' Religion and your Republican politics, there is no where for you to go but the closet.

No wonder you are so filled with vile. Then instead of looking at those who really 'suppress' you, you attack the stranger on the internet, the stranger who has advocated for gay rights.

If you have an ounce of sincerity and genuineness in yourself, you will stop yourself from rashly attacking me for writing this. Maybe, just maybe, you can stop the anger long enough to digest my words and truth.

You just proved my point exactly with your narrow mindedness. Who the flying **** are you to tell me who the **** is oppressing me you ****** hypocrite. You are the one filled with vile hatred. You should fix your own damn problems instead of getting on your ****** soapbox and getting all ****** preachy and acting like a drama queen. It's not the republicans forcing me into the closet. It's intolerant ignorant ***** such as yourself forcing me to stay in the closet. Why don't you practice the tolerance that you ****** preach.

Drama Queen????
Maybe you should read this conversation. I esp. love how often you tell me that I am a 'F' this and an 'F' that, then you call me names, later to accuse me of being hateful, ignorant and vile.

Oh....and this sentence really takes the cake.
"It's not the republicans forcing me into the closet. It's intolerant ignorant ***** such as yourself forcing me to stay in the closet."

Please, delight me in explaining how I 'force you into a closet' about your homosexuality?

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Democrats are idiots


So you read a piece about Republicans refusing to vote yes to lower student loan rates and your response is "Democrats are idiots". .....

Yeah so? They r in debt! They should pay it

This is not about who should pay the debt of a loan already taken out, it's about the interest rates on education.

Wow, ignorance at its finest, it's because of corporate billionaires that exploit others that creates these massive debts

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