I have been a Republican all my life and have voted in every election since 1968 for Republican candidates for all federal, state, and local elections. For your information, I am very intelligent when it comes to voting and I have brain to know who to vote for ad who not to vote for. I do research on each and every Republican candidate to find out about their history on issues and their individual background. It s so sad others do not do the same. If they did, we would have had a better run responsible and accounting of government officials the past six years with Romney in office than what we suffered we had with the incompetent liar named Obama.
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If you voted in the 1968 general election, then you have to be 67 years old now. That was the last election where the voting age was 21, so to vote in November 1968 you would have to have been born before November 1947. You don't have to justify your vote to anyone. I'm a Republican too and I have always been one, never ever voted Democrat.

Romney, a war mongering sellout that fights for the rich donors...I'll take Obama, he's not perfect but better then Romney

I completely agree with you ! It's shameful that people in general don't care who is running the country as long as they can do what they want, when they want !

I wanted Romney to win, but I'm not sure things would've been any different. I'm still registered as a Republican, but it's starting to feel like two sides of the same bad coin. I'm more drawn to libertarian attitudes these days......

Excuse me, but you made a typo. You were born in 1960, therefore you weren't able to vote in any party in 1968. 1980 would have been your first election that you were able to vote for the President of the United States.