Republican politicians accept money from Council of Conservative Citizens, a raciest terror group that supported the Charleston shooter Dylann Roof. Some of these politicians are Santorum, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Scott Walker. Many more have accepted donations from this group and others like the KKK and sever Neo Nazi organizations.

This is what America is turning into under these racist ********, a terror nation against minorities in churches AND a terror country attacking civilians in the Middle East!
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I don't buy that anyone (in their right mind) supported, or currently supports Dylan Roof.

What an interesting post and perspective. I hope I understood your point of view, that any politician that takes money from a terror group a racist *******. I think from reading your responses that even one politician that is a racist ******* could effect others in politics.

I do agree with you that one should follow the money. Have you followed the money on both political parties or is your interest only on the Republican party?

I also wonder........ if a politician is a racist ******* for taking money from a group like the KKK, using your logic, what do you call a politician that is a MEMBER of the KKK? And if one politician can effect others, what can a sitting Justice affect?

Robert Byrd, Edward Douglass White, Hugo Black and Harry Truman. Unlike you I will not paint a person because they to one thing, but if you are going to call out politicians you might want to look at ALL politicians. The ones that take money and the ones that were a member of this group.

For that matter you may want to open a history book and read about the KKK. It was used to fight the Republican Party after the civil war. The Republican Party in the Reconstruction-era was fighting for the economic and Political rights of blacks. It was that other party that didn't want this.

Just a thought but if you are going to post information you may want to do a bit of leg work before hand.

You should read a history book, the presidents you spoke of are all considered flops and the republican part was the modern day Democratic Party, in fact they switched in the 1960-70s do to the equal rights movement

Thank you for making my point. I only mentioned one president. I believe that most in that other party would disagree with you that Harry Truman was a flop, but who am I do disagree.

Yes historians have over time insinuated that one party is really the other one. Yes over the years each party has changed its core beliefs to gain votes and political power. Again thank you for making my point. It really doesn't matter what letter is behind a politician's name they will do almost anything for a vote. The parties have no real loyalty they will do anything for a vote.

Maybe it is best to look at ideology instead of letters. One side believes that the answer to most problems is a strong central government. A small group of people that will tell us what is right and wrong, what we can and cannot do. This group will determine who are the winners and who are the losers.

The other side believes in limited government. Believing that the citizens should be left to make decisions within the confines of the laws of the land. Because of limited government not one small group can influence everyone.

Your call in who you support take the easy way and choose a letter.......

I remember my first beer...

That has to do with what?

1. A couple of corrupt politicians can't make all of the decisions. Explain to my what these guys have done to make the U.S. Racist. 2. Part of the qualifications of being a politician is being corrupt. There are democrats that get money from same types of organizations. It has nothing to do with beliefs or morals. It's about the money. That has been a fact as long as the history of politics. 3. Define terrorist. These Politicians that have never killed anyone. How does that compare to the people beheadings women and children by the bus load in the Middle East? I'm not saying they're good politicians or that I even like them. I'm saying you're pretty quick to throw around the word terrorist. 4. I saw you used the N word in another post. Isn't that racist?

A couple of racist politicians can and will influence others. Trace the money of democrats and they don't go to terror organization

No it's not part of the qualification, it's just been adopted in the U.S. political field and idiots just go "that's how it is"

Terrorist is anyone that cause or support harm for a political agenda (literal definition) so if you support a terror organization you are a terrorist end of story

Oh the comparison of the Middle East terror vs US, 9/11 2.5k dead, Iraq alone 125k dead (civilian numbers) yep that's fair, ISIS has killed about 1.5k to 2k civilians, the U.S. in the last two years 12-15k civilian death.

Using the race card I see? In a discussion on race I'm like Obama, I'll use the word if it stays in context

Your a ******* idiot!!!!!

No I followed the money

My point exactly.

So I'm an idiot for following the trail of money to these politicians and finding out who's sucking them?

If you're talking about all politicians then your fine. But the headline was about republicans. Al ogre lives in a mansion that uses the energy of 17 families but preaches green energy and has made billions from it. Sooo just saying!!!!!! Be fair in your **** talking

Al ogre I meant. B

Damn talk to text


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thats there belief they have the right

Yes they do but you support racists people that support an organization that commits and supports terrorism to run the government?

well i dont support it but i mean you may think that the kkk are horrible people when really they aren't

Oh yes they are, many bombings in recent years have come from KKK members including the bombings of abortion clinics and orphan houses

they are trying to get there point across ok and yes its a horrible way and they should do it in a different way yes some Ku Klux

Klans are bad but most aren't

So you're a supported of the KKK thanks for telling me you're a Deep South conservative white supremacist

yes i am a huge southern i am a huge fan of the kkk i am just putting my beliefs out there and my thoughts

just don't argue about my Klan

Oh I'll argue about your pathetic anti American white supremacy bigoted KKK, the blight of history much like your confederacy

listen here ok i am supporting my race

I say **** race all together, we are all sentient animals, we are all conscious and all there is different is skin color

oh really hahaha don't get me started ok

Ok, let me see your pathetic points, cmon bring your best

ok well then most ******* are fucken gangster, pot heads and idiot's they all ways pull the dam race card do ever here the white man pull the race card no you dont its always those ******* it all dam started with that horrible man Martin Luther King

Really? That's interesting, let me pull up statistics

Whites use weed at a 17% higher rate per capita (that's per person FYI) then blacks but blacks get persecuted more, interesting, let's continue. Whites commit crime and a 21% per capita increase to blacks, hmm ok next? When something racist obviously happens (Mike brown shooting) who's always defending the racist? Or yeah it's not the blacks.

Now Martin Luther King, a pinnacle of human evolution and intelligence, both you lack, the man was a genius, he knew how to get equal right and started the fight still being fought today

Don't bring up the Mike Brown thing really a police officer just wants to kill a person stop these are our police officer serving us if you don't like it well then ok i guess no dam police officers protecting us

Martin Luther was basically making the whites respect him bow down to him like some fucken leader

No, the whites hated him but he showed why blacks are equals with peaceful protests

Oh really? You know it's illegal for anyone to shoot an unarmed man in the back, autopsy shows Mike Brown was shot in the back, that is one case of many racist cops using and abusing power

well it was bull **** now we have schools with different race its sick

i don't give a dam of what you think whites should not go to school with the blacks

sooner or later their will be no types of races its just going to be a mix of something

Ok, good, less people like you will exist

XD following that logic then blonds should go to the school on 7th and the Gingers to 9th while the brown hairs go to 8th, you see how stupid that logic is?

no its trying to save the white race and i am not going to let these ******* ruin it i so wished the confederate states of America was still around god bless them

XD no matter who you are when you fight for your race you're just an idiot unless it's for equal rights, I'll let you willow away, nothing more then a failure ******

haha god bless you for putting up with me i do wish you the best of luck and i was joking about all this haha just really wanted to see you debate you did great i hope you will change the world one day bye and god bless you again

I hope you were joking, I really can't stand racists...

i was just like to debate lol

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