Ok, I need to explain things

1. Trump does NOT care about immigration, he's using it to get you guys hyped, infact his income is 100% reliant on illegals, he gets rid of them he has to remove 58% of his employees, people who he gets to pay below minimum wage thus keeping his profits high, then he has to. Fire them and get new American workers BEFORE he goes bankrupt...again

2. I notice this page is against anti Semites, why are they protected but Hispanics aren't? I've seen many, MANY anti Hispanic posts, some even calling for exterminations. Same goes for Muslims, why is this? Is hypocrisy that bad?

3. Trump I'm sorry but he doesn't know anything about what he's getting into, let's put this in perspective, considering everyone here supports trump then that means you want the wall, the berlin wall, a wall that's 1/15th the size needed for the Mexican border was (in today's money) 1.4 billion to make, a wall on the Mexican border will ruin the recovering economy, and let's be real Mexico WONT pay for it

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DarkSoulDragon DarkSoulDragon
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Agreed and agreed. I don't actually know anyone who would vote for him myself. Well outside of my birth mother but she's Ann idiot to begin with.

Please tell me you aren't trying to be a kiss ***...our last encounter was less then plesant

I was responding to something you posted and don't feel the need to sidle up to anyone. It's called being civil which obviously can't be handled around here.