I cannot understand how people can even think about voting trump as president.
Use your brain, guys!
schwimmweste schwimmweste
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2016

The issue it what he says!

Like what, he believes illegal immigrants should be kept out of the country and come in the proper way like others do. Or stop Muslims from coming in until we can come up with a better way to vet them ? Let's just be politically correct, not hurt anybody's feelings and just keep things the way they are. It's a good thing that everybody's offended by something right? Just my opinion, just like yours is valid so is mine. I guess to make at people he sounds insane but to a lot of us the country as it stands now is more insane and maybe we just need someone job st as crazy to fix it

I am, the GOP dislikes home, Fox News dislikes him, media despises him and well as the democrats... Kinda makes him the clear choice in my book. He's a proven business man and he stands by what he says.. Now where's the issue?

Why not ??