I Am A Residential Care Aide In A Senior Home

>> I am residential Care Aide for seniors in a senior home. I love my job, love helping these people whom I have the highest respect for, they are our elders. You can learn so much from the seniors, they are special people to me. I love hearing their stories and how they lived, it blows me away on how they have lived and what they went through. A lot of them come from hard back grounds, depressions, it is amazing what they have lied through.

> What pissed me off the most is these seniors, our elders we are to respect are abused, taken for granted and mistreated!! I just want to kick people's butts when I hear and see garbage like that! enrages me! how dare anyone mistreat our seniors! they are elders and we are to respect them, help them, encourage them and proect them from such harm, give them a hand once and a while. When I see such grabage...oh I get mad and put my two bits in there, there is no reason or excuse for such B.S!!

> I hear on the news that home invasions on seniors in their homes, and they are scammed by people, how can anyone do that to a senior, you have to be really sick minded to take advantage of someone like that!! they were here in the world before us and deserve our respect!! they have earned it!!  you can learn so much from these very special people, if one just takes a few minutes and talk to them, you would know, they are very special people, not just some wrinkled up old person!!  I think the government should step in and help them out more as well, and stop doing cut backs!!
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i am very much agree with ur valuable post, everyone should have knowledge abt how to take care of adult ppl at home. ur post is working as an informative source for all. Thanx<br />

In the nursing home , very little emotional care, support given.

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You're a wonderful person. It's great to hear your story! I'm still at work, but my mom spent several years in nursing homes and rehab places before she died of cancer. And I visited with her every weekend. She hated it. But not because there was anything wrong with the places she stayed in. She just was a very active, independant woman and hated being tied down by her illness. Of course she was unreasonable. She'd been unreasonable all her life! But I sure hope she got as good care as I know you would have provided. Take Care! and Thanks a Lot!<br />