You Do the Drugs Don't Let Them Do You!

i was born addicted to speed. my mother worked the graveyard shift at a factory in connecticut~Kendall~they make bandaids and medical her doctor prescribed a stimulant nedication so that she'd be able to work the hours being as pregnancy made her so tired. back then drugs were not so taboo as they are now.

any way i have used, quit, started and quit, time and time again... none of my 4 kids was born addicted to any type of drug because i was clean & serene throughout  each of their pregnancies.

i found that when i did quit i had to leave all of my "friends" behind because you can't straddle the fence...

so i quit on october 31, 1998 and didn't use anything again until august 2005. i only use because it feels good i don't get wasted, i don't get anything until after all my bills are paid.

there are some people who should never touch any kind of drug ever because their systems are unable to adjust, but there are also those of us who are able to party a little  without losing control of our lives and screwing things up for themselves and everyone around them.

i have certain rules that mean everything to me andi don't reak those rules, you don't get high with kids (i'm in my 40s), i don't steal, i have to eat & sleep everyday no matter what, i don't **** anyone over for drugs. and i do respect the law... cops are there for us when we need them (for the most part) and as long as i am behaving myself i shouldn't have any problems.

i believe that some of us should be allowed to use illicit substances on occasion without fearing jail.

not everyone who uses drugs is a total piece of garbage~i self medicate. because of my mom using speed when she was pregnant with me, my brain is different and i need stimulants to function at full capacity, and my doctor agreed with my theory.

breezybidj breezybidj
46-50, F
Feb 16, 2007