Question About Poison.

My family and I wonder if my stepmother was involved in my fathers death 11 years ago. I was wondering if you know of any poisons or medications that she may have given my father that could have caused an aortic aneurysm? He was a paramedic/firefighter and safety person at Citgo and had just passed a physical for work a week before he died and they found nothing to suggest anything was wrong with him. She was 24 years younger than him and took all the death benefits and sold my inheritiance(over $80,000 horses, truck, horsetrailer). A few years she got remarried to another older man and right before she left US for Honduras he had to rushed to the hospital for something with his heart and they found poison in his system(I'm not sure what kind). He like my dad never had any health problems until he married my stepmother. She stole $20,000 from him before she left. There was an autopsy performed on my dad but I was wondering if they may have missed something because they didn't know the whole situation or didn't have reason to suspect anything. I would really appreciate your expertise on this matter. I was 15 when my dad passed away and my life was turned around.
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I really need some help!!