i am not quite sure why i am writing this......but if i can help or broaden someone's perspective on the issue I am all for it.     I have been abusing Coricidin Cough and Cold for about nine years........and as you might have guessed.... it has taken its toll.   i have been to the ER twice and have been arrested three times for shoplifting.  I am 26..and only now have I quit for good. The mental and physical problems have been intense........and mostly all my friend and famliy relationships have become destroyed by my using.    I just recommend to anyone who is still tripping on C's to at least take the time to truely evaluate their current condition....and be honest with themselves and know that the sooner you quit the sooner your internal struggles will finally taper and end.

Kcfrost Kcfrost
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I've done ccc a lot and robotussin, but have been clean for 3 months now still have a pack in my room if i ever change my mind hopefully it will stay where it is

how many a day were you taking? what are the long term side effects you've noticed?