Lahuitretare Conquer's Again!

Last night was a culmination after a few very long days rehearsing of a period in our life as a band in which we have idealised our music and developed our stageshow, our presence as a band, a rock-jazz-reggae band, with a uniqueness second to few, certainly here in Toulouse!

The boys were buzzing last night before we left for the bar venue where we played. They had been jamming while I was working out the magic I was going to bring to our show. The bar was a favourite on rue de la Republique, and we got there before the crush began. Hippo and Zeus set up and we went for dinner. We were on at eleven (23:00), for our first set. Nine songs.

Zeus wore black and orange legged jeans, brown boots, but was bare-chested, Hippo wore football shorts (Olympique Marseille) and a red tanktop that was maybe four sizes too big, and white tennis shoes, Albuquerque wore a Spain football shirt with black bondage punk jeans and boots, and Seth wore a suit, barefooted and barechested under the jacket. I was last out on stage, and I wore a pink lace scarf tied around my waist, with pink stiletto heeled shoes. a cheer went up as we entered from the little side room, and the whistles started when I emerged.

Our first song was called 'Pervert' (a new song, which was a commentary on perceptions), and I accompanied Hippo singing the more shrill falsetto tones the song required, syncopated to his barotone. We went straight into the next song, called 'Des Fleurs', a take on Jimmy Riffin. Next was a Rita Marley number, and then we performed our favourite 'La Huitre'.

There was quite a crowd of revellers and drinkers.. There was a little boisterousness too, which was becoming quite the norm in some bars in Toulouse. Jostlings. We started our sixth song for this set, a Bob Marley favourite, and then we sung our take on a Chili Peppers classic. Our last two songs for this set were from our own growing catalogue. The set ended with alot of applause, whistles, and we had our short break in the ante-room used this night as our ready room/restroom.

Seth and I fought over who was first to go pee! When we returned there were two guys talking with Hippo. We joined in the conversation, which resulted in an expression of 'real interest' in our appearing at Le Mandala (a jazz club with weekly live music shows, in summer the terrace is the place to chill; on rue des Amidonniers).

Zeus helped me retie my scarf, with a bow at the small of my back because the next song, the first for our second set was called 'A gift'. We performed four LaHuitreTare oldies after this, and then a reworking of the first song we sang. We have two versions of it. The crowded audience seemed to enjoy this. Their response was emboldening, and I worked some 'magic' during the next song, which was about female ***********!

The night was especial. We played almost all our own material, some covers, and some takes on songs, and we went down very well! At the finish of this set and the encores, we went to the ante-room, had a pause, before returning into the bar to mix with our audience. Increasingly, for me, this is becoming more and more risky since I get felt up, pinched and groped by all manner of people as I move around among our audience.
LaHuitreTare LaHuitreTare
22-25, F
Mar 3, 2012