The Gig Last Night Was Just Across The Bridge!

We don't often get a midweek booking from the bar we played at last night, but their usual midweek band wasn't available, so we had a last minute thing, and just had to cross the bridge to go play last night.

It turned out to be an interesting gig, since we texted our usual audience and some of them could come along, and the usuals at the bar seemed a little agitated by us. The bar owner had asked us to 'tone it down a little!' (whatever that means!) so we did a purely reggae set first thing. It was essential. Three Marley numbers, one Massilia, and then the rest our own! Excellent!

Hippo was his usual 'Axl Rose', Seth and Zeus were zouaves, and Albuquerque wore a sombrero. I wore red! Stockings, suspenders and bra! Nothing else (except American style basketball boots)! We were exceptional, even if I say so myself! Seth taped us on his iPod thingy, he knows all the technology things and he'll play it to us later today!

As I say several of our set arrived after we texted them, and we were happy to have them there since the others in the audience, the usual audience were expecting a rockband. Reggae was not their first choice, but they did warm to us! I was happy to see JM in the audience, and also Daoud. He has been at all our gigs the last week or so, now.
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1 Response Mar 28, 2012

Im glad it went well. Sounds like you did a really good concert. Short notice gigs can be fun and challenging plus you pick up new fans. Nice one though. Well done :-)