The 16 year old walks into her front door, her backpack hanging from her shoulders just getting home from school. He sees her daddy sitting in the living room watching tv as she was surprised he was home early but walks up to him and kisses his cheek letting him know she was home. Daddy looks her up and down admiring her body as his hands rises behind her an grips her *** cheek.
She jumps away looking at him appalled and confused as he grips her shirt to pull her back to him but she grabs his hand trying to pull it off telling him to stop.
He doesn't listen as if she had said nothing and jerks her onto his lap facing him as he wraps his leg around her legs to keep her against him. He grips her shirt as she started smacking at him, he quickly rips the shirt straight thru the middle exposing her firm round breasts being held by her pink laced bra.
He groans in pleasure leaning to her sucks on her nipple thru her bra kneeding his fingers into her back to hold her to him. She whines and screams trying to push him off of her which only made him grow hard against her stomach.
He grabs her hands and holds them tightly behind her back lifting her skirt feeling she was wet under her panties.
"Mmm my baby girl is wet for daddy, hmm?"
She grunts trying to pull away but was weak compared to her fathers strength. He easily lifts her up making straddle his lap as he releases himself from his pants hard and throbbing, slides her panties to the side and forces himself inside her tightness holding her firmly against him with no effort as he repeatedly pushes himself into her repeatedly groaning even tho she fought with all her strength crying as she felt her father taking her most prized possession, her virginity.
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Thats hot. Add me so we can chat and r.p?


That's just hot! 😍