These Dreams

Daylight turns to darkness as I slumber. Immediately when I close my eyes you enter my dreams. You are calling my name in that sensual way you always do. Your voice is sweeter and thicker than honey.  My body trembles with anticipation and fear knowing that you will fulfill every one of my deepest and darkest desires. The masculine touch of your hand against my skin, pulling me closer as you whisper your affectionate words that set my body on fire, searing my flesh and sending my pulse racing. It's almost more than my senses can stand and my body shudders.  You continue sinfully seducing me with your sensual, erotic nature as our tongues dance rhythmically together.  Your arms surround me, providing comfort and confinement, from which there is no escape, and from which I never want to escape as I have a deliberate willingness to obey your every command. With each rapid beat of my heart, our insatiable hunger grows longing to be joined as one, not knowing where you end and I begin.  The forcefulness of your strong body holding me down makes me tremble with pleasure, as you touch my silken skin with your warm masculine hands.

You look deep in to my eyes as you slowly and affectionately arouse me, while keeping me incredibly under your control as I'm made love to by the man I hold dearest in my heart.  I never want to wake up from this dream.




My favorite part of this song is where she's reached the fairytale section of her subconscious. There are men, like trees, standing and waiting. All she has to do is choose one with a kiss and he will be freed from the earth. However, the men are faceless, leading her to pick a man based on instincts. ("The sweetest song is silence/That I've ever heard/Funny how your feet/In dreams never touch the earth/In a wood full of princes/Freedom is a kiss/But the prince hides his face/From dreams in the mist").  Isn't that what we do when we fall in love with someone in a virtual world and then bring them into our real life?  Isn't it a more purely innocently romantic way of doing so?   I love you.  You are my knight in Military armor.

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Hehe! Several don't darling. I need to be more considerate, NOT. I am happy and I am going to share it with everyone.

I love seeing you all mush.

It is not too hard to figure out lol. It isn't like we are trying to hide it lol.

I would probably ask...later...hmmm...*Sylph gives much thought what to ask*...

Thank you good man but l am the lucky one.

Fungirl, that is an amazing vision. Your knight in military armor is a lucky man indeed

LOL, all you have to do is ask...To a certain extent I am an open book.

I like this song...and the same lines you wrote are the same lines that mean a lot. May your knight in Military armor continue to fill your dreams................though I'm surprised about the "military" part...but maybe I just need to dig further. ;)