Stupid Stupid Stupid...

what if im wrong. what if the guy i was with was really the one and im so hooked on the one i have already lost him by not thinking he is the one. what if im a romantical idiot that is so idiotic i cant even notice what is right infront of me that i know is special. if so i am a real idiot. stupid stupid stupid is what i will forever call my self if i passed him up or missed out on a clear signal... u know whats really stupid? when some guy trys to show he likes me i just take it as him being nice... why? maybe i am afraid of being wrong or maybe im an IDIOT! why in the world is the one thing i want so much the one thing that i mess up at the most. two wonderful people, both loving and i blew them both because i thought they werent the ones... what? did you say what i thought you said? oh ya. stupid. maybe, if i look back years later unhappy and i wil revise this and call it im stupid.... i really hope im not...

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

yes i hope that too. but soon im about to be alone again, but i think that its for the right reason. i am waiting for him... how ever long it takes. <br />
ya i am a romantic idiot, ill travel along side of you.

"what if im a romantical idiot"<br />
<br />
Please be one. I hope you are joined with the true love of your heart, the one you know (somehow, even if only subconsciously) you were always destined to be with.<br />
<br />
I need some fellow travelers. It's pretty lonely out here. Peace.