I Believe In Love

there are all sorts of love in this world, all types and fancies

i have unending love for my family and friends

even though i'm young, i thought i had found romantic love before

i was wrong

lately, i've been fortunate enough to find someone who makes me feel whole

she makes me believe all the cliche's

she makes me believe in soul mates

i thought i knew so much about love - turns out i'm only a novice needing her education
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2007


But I have a question: Why, when things DON'T work out, we say, "well, I guess it wasn't TRUE LOVE"? WHo says it wasn't AT THAT TIME? I think if you can "fall in love" you can also "fall out" of it. But I am glad you've "Fallen In Love"! Good luck!! ;)

Aaww, nothing beats the feeling of being in love. Good for you msterling!