Hopeless Romantic

I am a romantic person.
Just once in a while in your life a certain person can make romance complete.
I have met two such people during the course of my life. One was my first true love from many years ago.
The other is so special our love has surpassed what I thought was the love of my life. All the little things she does brings our romance into full bloom.
Little messages left in sandwich boxes. Suprising e-mails to work. Little text messages just to say "I love you".
Words from songs said to express our feelings for each other.
If I am away from her, I know when she is thinking of me we are that connected.
Walks in the park or countryside. Holding hands where ever we go. A kiss goodbye for work. Just sitting at the dinner table looking at each other and smiling.
Romance is a wonderful thing especially when you have found the most wonderful person in the world.
charlie1960 charlie1960
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Great post Roxanne! When you have someone who cares that much, and pays attention and values you in return,, romance is awesome.

Thanks Enjoythebeach, you took the words right out of my mouth. :)

Romantic, I love it, I love the word...............ROMANTIC.<br />
Romance me and my knickers get damp, I love kissing, I love very sexy lingerie, silk and satin, I love smooth feeling lingerie, stockings and nice dresses.<br />
But I really like men with nice large circumcised *****, I also like men that wear good silk lingerie.<br />
They can plunge their ***** deep into my silky welcoming hole, I love big ***** up my hole.

You are a match made in heaven! Romance, and kissing are such an important factor to me. The butterflies, tingles, and it makes the rest so much more fulfilling.

Thankyou Princess.