Jane Eyre

    I watched "Jane Eyre" today and could not stop crying. I was thinking how much I wanted to be her, how much I would want someone I'm in love with to look at me like he looked at her - and the very last lines, when he says "It's a dream," and she answers "Then don't awaken it"...
    I was thinking how much I wanted to believe that romantic love is true, that we are indeed supposed to follow our heart and give in to our feelings, no matter how impractical and insensible it may be, that we do have soulmates. And how striking is the contrast between that magical, bewitching world of love and feelings and our mundane reality.
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Have you read the book? It's more moving than the movie could ever be...

i agree -- i craved the adoration of a man, like edward displayed for jane. it really affected my perception of men, unfortunately for them! ;)

Hi, Jane.I know exactly what you mean.It's so great to have someone love us and look at us the way they do in movies.Unfortunately, in real life it's hard to find someone who loves us and cares about us in that respect.But don't worry,true love still exist.We just haven't found it yet.I hope I'll find a wonderful,caring man one day.Til then....God help us ;)

Its Jane Eyre. Btw is your life full of struggle like jayne eyre? I hope not. And dn't loose hope. Maybe you have a far better future than Jane Eyre which is waiting for you.