My First Date....ok...not Really A Date...and Not Really My First, But It Is Close.

Confession 11/14/11

Today was really cool.  I spent the day at the park riding my bike and running like a madman.   I was sweat and smelled like a nasty sock.   This woman comes up and asks me a question about my bike and the bike trails.   So I answered.
She looked to be about 58-59 and she was a lot shorter than I.
We talked for a bit.   Then she asked me to dinner.   I had nothing to do so, I said ok.  It was more of a friend thing and she was thanking me for giving her info to her questions.  She and her husband are going to move here. 
Although, though it was not a date and she was a lot older than me.  It was really nice to get out with someone.  And she paid for everything.   I did feel like she was looking for a hook up…but I am not like that.  I just told her thank you.  I did offer to pay…but she would not have it.
She was really nice and I had a good time.   I have never done anything like that before.   I do not even know her name…but I know her husband’s name. Bob. 
No matter….I had fun and I forgot about all the pain that I have been going through for the last couple of months.  
I have AceofPentacles to thank for this one too.  I would have said no, but then I was told to do something for myself by her.    Thank you Ace.
It was kind of funny.  It was not a date.  At least I did not feel that way, but this lady looked old enough to be my momma.
Either way…it was still nice to get out.   I did have fun. 
Now…if I could only find someone closer to my age that I could do that with everyday.
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8 Responses Nov 14, 2011

you have nothing to feel dirty about, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself

Thank you. I did have a good time.

Just got to be patient i guess, love finds you, no the other way around.

This is true. I have not had time to post that other story I was telling you about. You will know it when you see it. It is a story about a plant. I have had lots of homework and work to do. It has been crazy, but I make sure i get to the beach or park at least once a day.

You are second one to say they like my user name. I was just considering to change it. Even posted a question about what happens if I change my name on EP. LOL

No harm done. She was a nice lady. Sometimes its okay for a guy to be treated too. was cool. I have never did anything like that before. She really wanted to thank me for talking with her. I was not going to say yes...because of homework, but then I heard you saying ... do somthing for yourself. So I went. It was nice. It was like being with an old friend.

haha...thanks Ace. I like that name..

I am such a dork.<br />
<br />
But if I were not....then it would be you. <br />
<br />
So you are welcome....I saved you from being a dork.<br />
<br />

Yeah! Bravo!

ok...typos are due sleep, booze (that she bought me), and ....thats about it. <br />
<br />
I am not sure....but I feel like I should feel dirty....I kinda do. lol