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Romance Should Happen Every Day

Hope you enjoy this story, it expresses to me how romance should be, it's not about sex, it's about spending time together, enjoying each other and it should happen all the time. Enjoy this story.

It had been a long day at work, sales calls, coffee roasting and some issues with shipping and David was eager to simply get home, relax, maybe read a book or turn on the television and simply do nothing. He pulled into the driveway, noticing his house was dark, pressed the garage door opener, pulled inside, locked his car and headed in his home, it was dark except for a small glow of light coming from his bedroom, he placed his laptop on the table, took off his jacket and walked into the bedroom.
The room was lit with only candles, all around in a circle around the room, he looked down on the bed and laying on top was his wife, Julia, she was wearing only a black satin and lace teddy, he also noticed she had just gotten her hair highlighted, something that drove him crazy and Julia knew it, the candlelight flowed over her, much like in a nostalgic movie, she sat up a bit and told him, “welcome home, sweetheart, thought we could have dinner in bed tonight.” By this time, David had completely forgotten about his plans or his day at work and he quickly removed his clothing, Julia noticing his excitement as he slid off his pants and underwear, she gave him a seductive look and gestured with her finger to come closer, she reached over, caressed his sack and kissed his manhood before the two simply lay across the bed together, holding each other close, cuddling, David’s hands sliding up and down Julia’s back, she loved the feeling of his strong hands holding her. The two simply shared a while about their day, Julia explaining the difficulties she had with her kids in the class room and the challenges but she loved her work so it wasn’t a burden, David was much the same way, despite all the hardships, he was able to do something he loved and was content with that. The two continued to simply hold each other, looking into each other’s eyes and driving each other wild, the house was quiet and so were their lives for a moment, as far as they were concerned, they were the only two people alive in the world at that moment.
As David continued to caress Julia’s body, he became more and more aroused, Julia was breathing in the moment, enjoying their simple time together and then David’s hand slid between her legs, coming back, unhooking her hook and eye closure on her teddy and caressing her soft skin, womanhood and soft well rounded *** cheeks. Julia was a beautiful woman, her eyes captivated David and as his hands explored, his eyes were glued to her, and the glow she had with the candles only enticed him more. Slowly his finger slid inside her, she was already moist, he brought the finger up to his lips, then sucked on it before their lips embraced, their mouths coming alive and tongues dancing a tango together, they were ready for love.

The two continued to kiss as their bodies moved together, almost in a dance, David’s hands continued to explore as Julia’s began to slide between them, caressing his manhood a bit, her hands gliding up and down the aroused shaft, driving David crazy. Soon, they rolled over together, Julia was on top, a position she loved and so did David, he enjoyed having her in control at this point and Julia wasted no time, lowering David’s manhood deep inside her body, David watched as it slid inside, he could feel her wetness, her tightness within, the feeling was pure ecstasy. Julia then leaned forward and David began to kiss her perfectly round melons (breasts) through her lingerie, Julia quickly slid it off and David’s tongue was rolling around her nipples, while his other hand was caressing her bottom as the two continued to slide in perfect rhythm together, similar to a waltz. All the attention was driving Julia insane with passion, she loved it when David showed her this kind of attention and soon, she sat up and began to grind him inside her, David’s hands reaching around her, holding her as she sat up and had reached a point of climax. The eruption of their juices came together, as that of two dance partners flowing in perfect unison. She was throbbing hard against David’s meat, it felt so incredible to him, and he loved every moment of it. As the moment ended, the two lay together in bed, teasing each other a bit and enjoying the company of each other.
David was the first to get up and reached out to Julia and the two walked into the bath together, he turned on the shower, making sure the temperature was just the way she liked it, and then the two washed each other’s bodies, caressing each other with every stoke of their hand, much like an artist would do with oil on canvas. Their bodies embraced several times, holding each other closer, David loved sliding his hands down her soft skin, his fingers sliding between her cheeks and the two continued to kiss while showering. After a while, they turned off the water, David went out first, dried off a bit and then took another towel and dried off Julia’s body, he loved watching her expression as he caressed and dried certain areas of her body, watching what stimulated her was pure excitement for him. Afterwards, the two put on some cushy soft robes, matching of course and headed into the living room. He called the local pizza chain for delivery and then went over and chose an old nostalgic film for the two of them to watch together from their library. He chose Roman Holiday, a favorite of both, with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, as the two sat down to watch the movie together, only in robes, David reached over and hand fed Julia a chocolate dipped strawberry, her favorite, it excited him as he watched her lips wrap around the fruit, some juices slid down her lips a bit and he kissed and licked them off. There was a knock on the door, it was the pizza boy, he signed for it quickly and the two sat down to enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the evening. As they watched the movie, they would at times glance at each other, kiss but never left the others embrace.

The movie ended and David escorted Julia back into the bedroom, the candles were going down and after she was safely under the covers, he blew them out and slid under the covers with her, the two holding each other close throughout the night, sharing a bit and telling each other how much they truly loved each other. Soon, they were asleep but still holding each other close. David woke up early; he took a quick shower, went into the kitchen and began to make a quiche for Julia, her favorite breakfast.
It was about 8 am and Julia woke to the smell of the quiche baking in the oven, David came in, handed her a red rose and told her not to get up. He brought in a tray for her, quiche Lorraine and fresh fruit slices, the two sat in bed together, enjoying breakfast and once again sharing. David was once again getting aroused as he watched her soft beautiful lips wrap around the fruit, once done, he removed the tray, took it into the kitchen and came back to bed. Once again the two lay in bed together, David asking what Julia would like to do today, they agreed on a day of shopping together, that she needed some new outfits and wanted David’s opinion, he gladly agreed. Of course, before they left, they once again made love with each other and when returning home, Julia gave David a fashion show he would never forget, they were truly in love and their romance wasn’t a once in a lifetime commitment, it was there every day of their lives.
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So beautiful hopefully i will find that some day!

I hope you do as well Bella

Wow ! very well written sexy , hot, sensual romatic and erotic ! great job ! thank you also for a few new ideas to show my special lady that i do love her ! thanks for your insight!

Thanks for those thoughts and sharing, glad I could help, enjoy and keep the romance flowing

wow i like your story you need to write a book really i said this before your good awesome 4 stars i can see myself in that storythanks for alway making us ladies feel good

You are welcome LIsa and thank you so much for stopping by, you are always so sweet

Wonderful story!! Maybe someday, I'll get up the courage to share some of mine.

I certainly hope you do, think everyone would benefit, thanks for stopping by and sharing

Very nice romantic dream.

Am glad you enjoyed it

This story is beautiful :)

Thank you Queen, love your nic by the way

Thank you :) I really hope my life with the man of my dreams will be like this :) Thank you for writing this and inspiring me to appreciate love and the joy of being with my significant other :)