Why Can't We Be?

i never planned to get this close to you
i was hurting then, feeling sad and blue
in a breeze i found myself so attached to you
i should have known it was just too good to be true!

so just what do you want me to actually feel
you know deep in your heart that i've always been real
stop saying things that torment my whole being
you are not the only one here who is hurting!

you asked me to respect your decision
from the bottom of my heart, i tell you this...
you may treat me bad and call me things
accuse me of things beyond i could ever imagine

but that brief moment shared with you
would be remembered with the fondest of memories
though your words and behavior cause me great tears
the best of luck and great wishes are all i have to leave

how much more should i hurt
to ease your troubled heart
my intentions i made clear
right from the very start

happiness is all i ever wished for
but luck is just not in my favor
life sucks, for it has never been fair
there's just so much pain for me to bear

i pray that sorrow may spare you
i'll beg the heavens to see you through
my dear, i've always been true to you
how i wish i could be everything for you

to make you smile every single day
to hold your hand every step of the way
to brighten up even your darkest night
and assure you that things will be alright

you just don't know how hard this is for me
but right now im helpless as i can be
im messed up pretty much, oh baby cant you see
why is it that you and i simply cannot be?!

walk away and never turn back
i wish you nothing but the best of luck
it will be hard not to hear your voice again
i'm sorry it didn't work out the way it should've been

from a distance, i'll be watching over you
my sunshine, i'll give it all to you
just to make sure you'd find the right direction
coz you simply deserve the best so just hang on.
prettierinpink prettierinpink
36-40, F
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Beautifull post. Thank you : )