I Am Really A Natrual

Yelp I am a very romatic person.
To me romatic is creative and always thinking of how to make the other happy.
Some people are extreme but me I am very distret with being romatic.
I only have one objection which is it will take a very deep man
to be as romatic as I am, I feel being romatic comes from a feeling
within that everyone dont function the same in thought.
I have to accept the fact that my husband is not as romatic as I.
He is just himself but I on the other hand look for ways to make him smile
I like to think of neat things like guess his thoughts
I have sent him roses on his job for Valentines Day.
I have made him a nice dinner and wrote him a nice poem in a card on the table in his plate
when he walk in from work I serve him. So many other ways I do
Just Because I love you things any day of the week
here lately I have been on the low side because its been hard to do nice things for him when he kills the concieving
feeling in me with his ways sometimes I think of the nicest things but after I do them it appears to me
I just did it. He dont seem to have an eye for romance he is sort of Old Fashion.
Nevertheless when I can which could be more I do what I can.
No its not that I do it for a responds for me in return but you do like tosee that what motive you had was accomplished.
Some people just dont see romance the same!
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
May 15, 2012