4 Years Ago

Four years ago today, the greatest man came into my life. I was alone, in the maternity ward. Feeling so lonley and upset because no one wanted to share that moment with me. Had my epidural finally after being over do for ten days. Laying there, i was alone! The alarms went off bcause my blood pressure dropped to 40/20. The nurse n doctor rushed in. When i came to, they asked if there was someone they could call. There was no one. It wasnt a one night stand, it was a husband that would rather be out with his mistress than be there to watch his first son born. They Prepped the room and i pushed with all i could until i heard his first cry. I held him and he was the most perfect bambino i ever laid eyes on. I couldnt help but cry, after all i had gone through, he was finally here and safe in my arms. I swaddled him and just stared into his beautiful eyes. I wasnt alone, He was there. My lil man. So i am raising him to be a man, to find love and to work hard because nothing comes easy. So today my baby boy, with tears in my eyes i wish you the happiest birthday a lil boy could ever have. Mama loves you piccolo. Always
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gr8 story dear and ♥ THANKS ♥<br />
<br />
when my kid's pregnancy was announced, i insisted that i be allowed to be present when our child arrived and the DoC agreed for it.<br />
<br />
Then on the day when the labor pangs pushed the kid, the Senior doc was not in town and the Junior wouldn't allow me to the labor room....inspite of my pleas for abt 45mnts......<br />
<br />
Then after abt 10 mnts, the nurse came and asked me to follow her into the labor room.<br />
was given a mask, gown, etc that is required to be in a labor room.<br />
<br />
The Jr.Doc asked me to assist her in the delivery, by instructing my wife to cooperate.<br />
and i did so and in abt 20 mnts, the baby arrived and i was a HAPPY man ♥<br />
<br />
the Jr. Doc mentioned to me: ' U delivered the baby and i assisted you ! '

That is amazing. Se that is a real father. Your wife is a lucky lady and sobis your kid

Thanks dear

Im sorry. You don't know me but sometimes it is best to just let go of the past. I was raised by a single mom and I want you to know that sometimes this is better than having an abusive or emotionally abscent father.<br />
<br />
I wrote about it in my story, "I Learned Far More In Your Abscence Than I Could Have Learned From You".<br />
<br />
Wishing you innere peace, love and happiness,<br />

Beautiful and that husband don't deserve you:)

Thanks. Had to share it! Made me feel better