Just A Dream

I read a lot of books to get my mind off things. It helps.
I fell in love so many times with those leading male characters.
For once, I want to be the damsel in distress where the male just grips me and pulls me into his warm chest and his arms encircle my waist as our lips synchronizes life a violin and sheet note ready to be tossed into the mix.
I want to get mad at THAT male person, and hit him but know he will catch my hand and pull it up to his chest while he gazes down on me.
I want that.
Not some boring life that gets marry and have kids and SETTLE DOWN.
I want adventure- take me to the deepest part of the world, show me the mystery- and yes it may sound cheesy- but be a mythical creature. I don't even care if you're a sparkly vampire. Just come and save me. From this boredom, give me something to think and ponder and guess about. Make me frustrated, and hyperventilate. I need that in my life right now.
I need a friend, foe, rival, lover, player, and I need HIM.
Please come into my life soon- I haven't even had my first kiss yet.
I know, pitiful. I'm 16. Pretty much a loner- but everyone tells me I'm pretty.
Well then, where is my knight and shining vampire?
Didn't think so? I'll just have to find you then.

The Dreamer (: A
TheStarDreamer TheStarDreamer
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2012

There is one thing i dont agree.......and the other are superb....lovely..Really i wish i could the one.....!But you will get him soon...i will pray to god.......<3

Thanks for the support hahaha (: