I Love Her. And I Always Will.

I met my first, and only, love in Oct. of 2011. Since the time that i realized that i love her, she's become the center of my universe. i was her friend for long before i was her boyfriend, and i've stuck with her through her worse times and shared the best. I even helped her with the relationship problems she'd had with her first boyfriend. I've written her countless poems, and songs, and letters over the course of the eight months i've known her, and since the start of this month, i've been writing her a letter everyday. I never get to see her now, because her parents don't allow her to date, and since we're both out of school, her parents keep her under close watch most of the time. Every night i spend hours writing to her: about how much i love and miss her; how much she, and our relationship means to me; the memories i hold onto, while we're apart; and the future we'll share. Then, in the morning, i walk two hours, from the park by her house and back, to drop off what i've written.

We started dating in February and things were shaky at first. She'd just ended the first romantic relationship she'd ever been involved in(to be with me) and she had never believed that true love existed, and certainly not that she was capable of love or of being loved. I spent endless hours and days just trying to convince her that she was wrong. Finally, on Mar. 10, at !:35 a.m. after a four hour long phone conversation, she finally said that she believed in love. And, that she loved me. That was one of the happiest moments of my short life. Only to be matched or exceeded by Our first kiss(i was her first that time), and every memory i've made with her, before and after that night. She's still my best friend and she always will be. I hope to spend my entire life convincing her more and more that true love exists.
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I wish I could find a man that could make me fall deeply in love

I hope you do...
I just read what you wrote about your breakup and all of that, and i'm really sorry. I wish things could've turned out differently for you. Really.
I wish you the best. :)

thanks :)