I always consider myself a very romantic man who enjoy making my girlfriend happy and show her around and cheerish her with alot of things that will make her smile and love me more,provide comfort that makes her world so bright,honor her with all the love and passion that i can to make her happy and most of all to treat her equally no matter how odd or ridiculous she do i still make her the Best woman in the world.
Being romantic means not because you give her something so expensive or regal her with the finest restaurant in the world,what it means you give the best that you can because you believe,trust,treat her as equal being,believe in her,adored in every way and love her and she was the most beautiful and smart woman in your eyes.Thats how you become so romantic.
tawam tawam
36-40, M
2 Responses Sep 1, 2012 have learned quite well how to be romantic. Always provide her with the comfort she needs, and don't be the reason she needs comfort and you'll have it made.

well to treat women as your equal means alot and yes its how you make them happy that counts not because you can buy alot of things and provide her earthly materials things,its how you give importance that matters and all...CHEERS!!!

That's nice :) she must be very lucky to have u !
I wish my husband thinks and acts as u do !

im not perfect i make mistakes too but somehow i see to it i treated her with respect,love,equal and understanding though im naughty in other way too.