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Yes I Am A Romantic

I teach logic, but I have deep seeded romantic tendencies. I tend to put romance before sex, which means that I tend to want to do all the really difficult things like get turned on by someone's personality and get them really turned on my mine. I am also an intellectual type, which means that my missing half hasn't always been easy to find. I could go for a long period of time just bathing in romantic feelings before having sex, and in some ways I think that if I were really romantically attracted to someone I would almost like to stretch things out, letting the tension build and savoring the experience so to speak. I think romance is a kind of art applied to love: you need to really believe in romance and have a feeling for it like dancing; but just like dancing you need a partner who understands your moves. I like to take the lead, but I have felt more than once that my partner doesn't really understand what I am trying to do. Not everyone is looking for romance. Once a girlfriend asked me what i wanted from her. I dont think i actually said this because it might be misunderstood, but the thought that came up was, "your soul".
citoyenvert citoyenvert 31-35, M 2 Responses Nov 16, 2012

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Very nice, did you intentionally not go back to cap some of the lower case i's?

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. It touched me, I am romantic too and also deep in romantic feelings before sex, etc. I realise now that it is hard to be romantic. My ex husband did not understand it and sadly, my ex partner (partner is not a good word for romantic feelings?!) also did not care for my romantic mood. I just wanted our souls be together. I still hope that I will meet him who will wide open the windows of his soul to me to meet my soul. Hugs.

Thank you for your comment. Truly appreciated. I hope perhaps my experience can add some perspective on things.