I have so much to give, but I have never found the one to give it to. I'm not too impatient, but when the day comes.. I want to do whatever to make my lover feel loved.
DaneBoyy DaneBoyy
18-21, M
5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Then don't give up on her.

well you seem a careful guy who wants the better for your couple but be patient... theres a thin line between want the one and be desperate, i warn you.

Take your time and make sure you love her back fully when you find her

Thats cute... guys are impatient. self centered. and worried all about themselves... maybe you are an exception... its cute tho. your future lover will be one of the few lucky ones :)

patience is a virtue :)

Love may take long, but it will take you to where you really belong. No need to hurry because your heart knows when its finally home :)