I wonder if the whole having a relationship thing is really something that is truly in the cards for me. Well at least for me and ONE other person, that is. I mean it's not that I can't get a date, or that I'm in any way, shape, or form "undateable." But the fact that I just can't seem to find myself genuinely interested in any of the potential prospects I find myself faced with.

For instance, I have never been physically, emotionally, AND intellectually attracted to one single person. I have yet to find the all-in-one combo. So yeah sure, there have been guys that I've found attractive. But never attractive in ALL of the three key essential ways, if you get my meaning.

Tell me what good is physical attraction if the persons got nothing going for them upstairs? Or the intellectually attractive ones, who just so happen to be emotionally barren. Yay! That's always fun. Not to mention the ones that are incredibly emotionally attractive, but are the more brotherly/sister type. And lets just face facts here. No one wants to be in a romantic relationship with their sibling (well, almost no one, that is). That my friends, is a whole other EP group topic, altogether.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if I was made to be some sort of polygamist, or something. Could it be that it is impossible to get the burger, fries, and the drink? In that case, perhaps you wouldn't mind directing me to the nearest salad bar?
KTFrankie KTFrankie 18-21 2 Responses Jan 1, 2013

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interesting, after reading this, i found my self as the brotherly type wich means... i'll never got a couple.... crap.

about you, been someone who knows their desires is very important but when it comes to what i believe, finding the three key essential ways is practically impĆ³sible, you'll need time to find someone like that for example i do find a girl with the "three combo" but she have a boyfriend and sees me as a brother...i still love her, if i could you'll surely can, may be you should lower your expectatives a little.

Again...a whole other EP group, entirely. :p