I am an INCURABLE romantic....  but can't seem to get any romance from my husband.  He never was the romantic kind, so it's hard for me to live with that... our first date, I paid.... LOL

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I hear you there Blondie. My husband was pushed into proposing by his friends because we had a child together. We were ok just living together. We didn't really need the paper... but we did it out of peer pressure but when he DID propose, we were sitting in his truck and just threw the ring on my finger and that was it. Nothing special - just like he makes me feel.....

that was EXACTLY the way my marriage was yes was we r now divorced. He left me-4 someone else. According 2 this woman hes not romantic much 2 her either... I paid on our first date never even had a proper marriage proposal nor did I get an engagement ring!!!'I'll get 1 if u really want one' he said . Don't bother....

I had the annual conversation with my husband about no romance in our marriage. I think he is finally taking me seriously as I have really started doing a lot of things without him...I received flowers at work this week. Now I think he is patronizing me. LOL he can't win!! I paid for several of our first dates and still plan all of our trips.

Well AWU, the last big fight we had, my husband came clean and told me how he honestly felt about me. He called me a loser, a bad mother, and said he wasn't attracted to me at all... I'm not ugly, nor am I a beauty queen... I am pretty, an average kind of pretty though.

*hugs* - I can't imagine that, have you both thought about counsilling? Maybe they could help with your intamacy problems, it may be worth a try as it's something so important to you and you have nothing to lose by trying...

Hi bartman - yes sleeping on the couch is HIS choice. We have never been close physically - it's so hard to imagine that we actually had a child together!

I CRAVE romance....and I NEED it - it's like an addiction for me... and I have nothing even remotely close to that in my marriage... it's so sad....<br />
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My hubby is a good guy - and I know he loves me, but he sleeps on the couch - and I sleep in the bed - for almost a year now. We haven't touched each other for so long - 9 months and it gets so hard to make it from day to day.... <br />
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I just wish a little romance would come my way once in a while.....sigh....

I bought my husband a book 10 thousand ways to be more romantic, he read 2 pages and said "I would like to know how many men really do these things". Once in a blue moon he locates somewhere inside himself the slight ablity to show some level of romance. Something along the lines of a 15 year old boy. Oh well, what do you do? I miss romance, it is so good for the soul.