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4 Miles A Day

I get up every morning really early at about 5 normally and run into the local village which is 2 miles from my house and then run back again after stopping at the shop and buying an apple and then running back home agin. I was going to be running in this marathon in Edimburgh but I was in a bad condition and had to be withdrawed from the race. Aww!. But most of the time I run because I like it and to keep myself healthy, but sometimes I have to stop because of my lung, I have one lung because of my apendix bursting and having to get it removed, its a long story. Now, I only have 1 lung, which makes it harder to run but I try anyway. One day I will win a marathon but it proberly wont be soon. But if I'm bored and I got nothing better to do like now, I run again, so somtines I run 4 miles, or 8, or 12 per day. And I think Im gonna go run now, because I feel like it and Ive just come back from a party. Wish me luck.
ImOkayNow ImOkayNow 16-17, F 1 Response Aug 12, 2011

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Good luck and I hope someday you really make your dream come true.<br />
<br />
Never give up and always keep on walking.

Thanx, but I have a lot of dreams I wanna see come true, like winning a marathon :)