Running Solo

I like to run by myself. Granted, I'm a bit of a loner anyway, but I don't want to chit-chat while I run, I want to think through a particularly tough problem I've come up against at work, or a marital problem, or this week, since I haven't run in three weeks, just about putting one foot in front of the other and not dieing from lack of oxygen. But people have a hard time understanding this apparently. I run at work over my lunch hour and there are a handful of other runners in the building. I recently moved to a new building and I'm not familiar with the area as far as running routes so I asked a couple of the resident runners about a good route. Numerous times I've asked and they tell me to run with them?! Yo, shitheads, I told you I prefer running alone! I'm actually polite about it, but that's what I want to say after about the third time I ask them.

Oh well, today was my first run from the new location and I managed to do okay. The route sucked as I had to jump a couple of fences and ignore some "No Trespassing" signs, but I didn't find any new bullet holes in my body when I took a shower so I think I'm good. I did run into one of the other runners at the door when I got back. I asked about a route and guess what he said? **** ME! And I know I've asked him and related to him my solo preferences at least two other times. Ah well. Eventually people get tired of asking me and realize it's a lost cause....
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Life is all about freedom for many of us, and how can you be free if you are locked into someone else's pace.<br />
Few things are more enjoyable than just running on your own. If you feel like picking it up a notch or slowing down you do not have to justify it to anyone else. Occasionally it is cool to pass the miles with a friend, but doing it too often can ruin a friendship.

I've always also liked running on my own. it's my happy time when I can be alone and forget all of the problems in my life.

Maybe if you try being a little more flexible, it'll all work out better. Most of the routes I've run around work locations at lunch are not something you could easily explain. There were a dozen different streets, a few paths, etc. and the best way to learn is tag along with someone who's been down that road before. <br />
<br />
I'll bet these other people would readily accept your desire not to converse. I too prefer to be lost in my own thoughts most of the time, so much so I've never wanted to listen to music, etc.

There are other reasons too. A lot of times when I run with others I either find I'm pushing too hard to keep up, or they're slowing me down. I don't like that. My pace can even vary from day to day and I don't like something external to me setting my pace. I imagine if you're a competitive runner it's great having someone to compete against, but I'm not a competitive runner and the only person I'm competing against is myself and that's the way I like it.