I Run Almost Every Day!

I love the hills around Ceret, to go running on the soft earth above the town, and savour the whole experience of nature here. I found myself always trying to keep up with Guillem whenever we have gone out running together. With his being a soldier he is ultra-fit anyway, and so he would really go at it running. I didn't struggle hard to keep up, but I was always stretched running with him. I wish he was here now so we could go for a run.

They have gotten used to me I think in Ceret. They see me out running in the mornings, some evenings in the summer, wearing as little as I need to, running. I run on the roads towards the town centre, sometimes out on the town boundaries, always in the fields beyond, and the hills. I run in shorts sometimes, in cotton panties most of the time. A tee shirt, and my favourite Lacoste shoes.

I always seek to run for about five kilometres each time. When Guillem and I run, we could do three times that distance!
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May 24, 2012