Runner By Force Of Habit

I am not really a runner. I feel like runners really enjoy running. Me while yes I run about six times a day, whenever my internship allows me but I don't enjoy it. I do it out of a force of habit, if I don't run I feel like a bum and lazy.

You may be wondering how I started running well here is my story. I was a Junior in college and my mom (who is a runner) called me up and tells me she has the perfect graduation gift for me. I was like alright what is it. She said with great enthusiastic a trip to China; I was pretty stoked I love traveling. Then she continued the sentence... Go to China to run a marathon on the Great Wall of China.

I wanted to say really mom, you do know which daughter you are talking to right. The daughter who is a goal keeper cause she can't run. But I was not going to turn down a trip to China. So I tried to go running whenever I could between my Three jobs two varsity sports and school. I never got to run that much as you could tell with my jobs and so on. But for the two years junior and senior year I ran as much as possible I got up to 15 miles once

Then I graduated, and got to go to China for my gift and we did the Great Wall of China Marathon. Oh yeah think I'll just make this clear this was my first marathon ever. Well we did it and my mom stayed with me ever step of the way when she could have totally blown my doors off and finished the run way ahead of me. But she didn't she stuck with me ever step of the way. Thankfully she did because I don't think I would have been able to finish it without here. It took me the full time to finish it and there were only two runners to finish after my mom and me but we finished and got the medal to prove we did.

And now I am hooked to running but not because I enjoy it but because my bad and my mind does not feel right if I don't run. Now I run about six times a week and whenever I miss a run just feel wrong and every week I try to run just a little farther. Right now I am only up to 6 miles but some day I will get up to a decent distant.

Well thanks for taking the time to read my ramble of a story....
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 6, 2012

What a great graduation present, I'd really get motivated! My soccer team requires that all of the pla<x>yers need to run 5k under 30 mins, bet that's nothing for you though, but I'm working on it haha.

lol yeah that is hard for I can ran a distance but the whole time running is really hard for me...Lol I am a gk for a reason...I'm really slow. And yeah was a GREAT graduation present.

I'll bet you learn to like it more as you age. There are lots of benefits, but perhaps the best is the ability to escape for a short while. Nothing like an office environment to make you want to get outside. I didn't really run much in my college years, and it took a partner convincing me to join her before I developed a solo habit. Running with a buddy keeps your mind off how hot it is, how much your legs hurt. etc.<br />
<br />
These days I run alone and as often as I can. Typically that's at least three days a week. And I've converted into a 'barefoot' runner using only Vibrams against the pavement to avoid excessive callousing. I'll never go back to shoes.